Saturday, January 5, 2013

Everyday Family

Stay-at-home-Moms are pretty much the dominant bloggers that you will see in the blogosphere.  I wouldn't know blogging if it wasn't for a good a friend of mine who now lives in New York, we used to work  together in school before we came here in the States.  We are both a stay-at-home-mom when we had  our babies  so she figured out how to make  money in blogging.  She shared her experience to me and the rest is history.  I have been blogging for almost four years now and I love  it.  
I just recently  found a group of  Mommy Blogs at Everyday Family website.  Everyday Family is  focused on  providing information about family matters, most of the members are  parents who owns blogs and they share their experiences, thoughts , and ideas to other  members.  Topics revolve around pregnancy, babies, parenting, and anything that  affects our children and  aspect that helps us become  better parents to our kids.  

Becoming a member is free and  it has benefits too such as access to free baby stuff  offers, contests, sweepstakes, weekly newsletters, and the chance to interact with different  parents around the world.  You can also watch  videos  for different topics  at their website so you would learn a lot of stuff and enjoy  benefits too.  Check it out and become a member.

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