Friday, October 17, 2014

Saint Day for Fourth Graders

 The fourth grade class have celebrated their  class' saint  day on September 30th.   The mass was celebrated  for their class saint, St. Francis of Assisi. I meant to  post this earlier but I have never got around it.  Anyway, here are  the phtos I took during the mass.  They were exempted to wear their uniform that day because they were  the ones who  did all the readings and other parts of the mass.
 Here's Ms. Howells, their Religion class teacher.  She is a very good teacher.  She just started this year and the kids just love her.
 The mass were attended by kindergarten through 4th grade classes.
 Gad both of my kids did not   get my  stage fright lol.  They are very comfortable in front of people.
 They sung a song after the mass.  I wasn't able to   record it but they did a  very good job.  Ms. Howells did a great job  teaching them the song.
My daughter loves it when they have a special occasion and they can dress up.  Wearing a uniform everyday makes them  excited to have opportunities like this occasion to dress up.  

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Blown Away by Rion Paige

Do you remember Rion Paige from the X Factor last year? This young lady inspires so many people though her voice.  She's very talented  and show so much  positive outlook in life.  When my  daughter complains  about something  that she can't do, I  remind her of  stories like this of Rion's.  It also helps to let her the Read Full Review of inspiring stories if people.  I wonder if she ever got a recording deal after she got eliminated from the show?  Below is her audition to X Factor.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Fun at Friends' Dairy Farm

We were invited to come and see a Dairyfarm yesterday by one of my daughter's classmate's parents. This is something we have never done before so we did not hesitate to say year when they invited us to come over.
 The kids  faces just lit up upon seeing each other and seeing the beautiful  surroundings.  This is the first time that my kids  see cows  up close.  We see them  from afar when we  go driving but now this close so it was a very good trip for us.
 We got to meet Abby's two dogs.  They are so sweet.
 The silly faces are magical lol.
They get to experience feeding the  cow.  My daughter was so tickled when the baby cow  suck on her fingers lol.
 Abby is so sweet to let  my daughter name one of the newly born calf.  She named  the  baby cow Ivy.
 This kind of activity is  rare so I want my kids to enjoy every opportunity they get.
 The kids had a blast climbing and hiding  on the bales of hay.
Thanks to the Windshiemer  family for letting us experience this moment. We definitely want to come back again if given a chance.  Maybe  in the summer time so the kids are off and we can stay a bit longer.  

A Pose with a Fisherman

Sharing below is a photo of my kids when we went to  Wholey's for  the first time.  We went down and use the restroom and  surprised of how  different the setting was  down there than the setting  at the  store, really neat.  These two are always ready for camera action which I love!
On another note, an inspector is coming to our house in  two weeks to  perform an inspection that  is required by our home insurance provider.  In 7 years if  being homeowners, this is the first time that they are conducting a random inspection.  They are probably going to asses if the value of the house  is going up or down depending on its condition.  We will see what the inspector would say.  Meanwhile, you can check out the for homeowners insurance in burlington nc if you are  living in that area and in need of an affordable  home insurance.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Friends Get-Together

During the last days  of summer vacation, we spend some great time with the Mascio Kids.  We  went to school and helped sort out uniforms and while the Moms  did the sorting out, the kids played outside the school.  The kids call it, survival game, as they make survival things   from the materials  they found around the school.  
The Mascio also invited us over to their  beautiful home.  The kids  swam in their  pool  while the parents play catch up with things about the school, parenting, and more.
We had pizza, fruits, veggies  for dinner.  After they swam, we  had some smores and then we went inside their home as it was  cold.
We had a great time.    We  stayed  longer than we expected but we had  such a great time spending time with friends.  
Glad these four get along well.  Thanks Steve and Marie for  having us over at your home!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

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Youth Leadership Graduation

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