Friday, October 17, 2014

Saint Day for Fourth Graders

 The fourth grade class have celebrated their  class' saint  day on September 30th.   The mass was celebrated  for their class saint, St. Francis of Assisi. I meant to  post this earlier but I have never got around it.  Anyway, here are  the phtos I took during the mass.  They were exempted to wear their uniform that day because they were  the ones who  did all the readings and other parts of the mass.
 Here's Ms. Howells, their Religion class teacher.  She is a very good teacher.  She just started this year and the kids just love her.
 The mass were attended by kindergarten through 4th grade classes.
 Gad both of my kids did not   get my  stage fright lol.  They are very comfortable in front of people.
 They sung a song after the mass.  I wasn't able to   record it but they did a  very good job.  Ms. Howells did a great job  teaching them the song.
My daughter loves it when they have a special occasion and they can dress up.  Wearing a uniform everyday makes them  excited to have opportunities like this occasion to dress up.  


  1. Green suits Rylie and she looks really like a dalaga na ..

  2. oh celebrating the feast of their saint is amazing, they have eucharist and they seems to enjoy the whole day occasion too.

  3. I wish there is a video to watch i love listening to choir specially if its the kids singing. Your daughter is so pretty sis :)

  4. I didn't know they celebrate that here. Are your kids in a Catholic school?

  5. Your daughter stood out both in beauty and talent.

  6. Your daughter have grown so tall already. She is also pretty and talented. I am sure you are one proud mom!

  7. Your daughter looks great in that outfit, and she looks really happy, too, attending their Saint Day activity.


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