Tuesday, May 21, 2013

5 Exercise Ideas for the Whole Family

Keeping active and fit is important for kids and parents alike, so what not get the family together for some fun-filled fitness activities that will take the boring parts out of exercise and replace them with excitement, enjoyment and family bonding. Here are 5 great ideas for physical activities you can do with the whole family.

Explore the Outdoors

There’s a whole world at your doorstep, full of natural beauty and breathtaking scenery, majestic flora and intriguing fauna. By exploring the outdoors you’ll get to experience the beauty outside your own backyard and teach the kids about the natural world. An appreciation for nature is more and more important as our everyday lives become more technologically focused and we forget to “stop and smell the roses”. Getting outdoors and into nature presents lots of great options for physical activity. You can explore on foot, cycle through local bike tracks, try your hand at mountain biking, or how about exploring your local lakes, beaches or waterways by kayak, canoe, paddle board or surfboard. The possibilities are almost endless and getting active with your family in the fresh air promotes health and well being not just physically, but mentally too.

Backyard Games

Put aside some time as often as you can to spend some quality time engaging in play with the family. Whether in your yard, at the beach or the nearest park it’s fun and healthy to play games and sports that require some running, jumping, chasing and laughing. Backyard cricket or throwing the football around are simple ways to get everybody active and involved. Handball or Frisbee, tag or dodge-ball, soccer or hockey, duck-duck-goose, or even a water fight – there’s no end to the fun you can create together. It’ll get everybody moving, laughing, and bonding.

Make Family Outings Physical

It’s the weekend and the kids are bored, you want some time out of the house, the whole family wants to go out and spend some time doing something fun. Instead of low-energy activities like going to the movies or eating out, try making your family outings physical, like abseiling, snorkeling  ice skating, indoor rock climbing, surfing lessons – there are so many exciting options. You’ll have lots more fun and the kids will enjoy the challenge of coming up with new activities to try out. For those days when a movie or a restaurant meal is just too tempting to miss, how about walking or cycling there instead? Try to incorporate a bit of movement into every outing.

Charity Runs and Rides

Get the family involved in a local fun run, charity ride or other physical challenge that supports a good cause. This will provide a little more motivation and will be a really rewarding experience for parents and kids alike. You’ll not only be getting exercise but you’ll be helping others and doing it together. You might even like to work as a team to create your own charity sporting event and get the whole neighborhood involved to raise money for a cause.

Active Console Games

If you just don’t feel like getting out and about, there’s no shame in spending an afternoon on a games console if you’ve got some physical games to play. There are lots of games available now that promote movement and fitness. These type of games get players to interact with the game using movement rather than sitting with a control pad, and lots of them have multiplayer options so everybody can get involved. It’s easy, great fun, and you never have to leave the comfort of the family home. Whether it’s Melbourne bike shops or Cairns scuba centers  Brisbane gaming stores or Sydney skating rinks, Australia is teaming with an endless array of venues that are just waiting to help you with everything you need for your new family hobbies. There’s so much to try and so much to do, so don’t waste any more precious time in front of the TV, get the family outside and launch yourselves into life.

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