Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Outdoor Enjoyment

We visited  Dad last Tuesday after  Ms. Burrito's  dental appointment.  The kids played in the backyard using  the wagon that my SIL, Chris made for them years ago.  The Mister just want to ride, poor little Miss has to drag the wagon even on the steep hill lol.  She's pretty strong though.
After we visited  Dad, we  dropped by at the recycling  place downtown and  sold some aluminum cans.  While hubby is dealing with the  cans, I accompanied my Burritos to a nearby  river and they  throw rocks in it.  They love the splashing sound when the rock hits the water.  It's amazing how the simplest things can bring so much joy to children.  They were overjoyed that  even for a short period of time, they get to bond with nature.  This is just one of the many outdoor activities that they love.
On the other note, we were so happy to see the fourth  grading marks of our kids.  They both have  great remarks from the teachers and outstanding grades.

5 Indoor Activities For Your Family

Kids and adults can become bored when they are stuck indoors. With a few simple ideas, the family can have fun indoors. The ideas will keep everyone entertained for hours.

Family Game Time

The family can set up board games to play together. The games can teach the kids valuable lessons. For instance, some games will help improve the child’s memory, and other games can make the child think about possible solutions to a problem. Board games can help kids learn the principles of losing and winning. The family can play a basic board game or put a puzzle together to spend some quality time together indoors. With a variety of games to choose from, the family will never become bored.

Story Telling

Most people enjoy hearing a good story. The story can be one from a favorite book, or it can be a real life event retold by one of the family members. Either way, it will make a dull day more enjoyable. A great way to tell a story is to involve each family member in the story telling. You can do this by allowing one member to start the story, and then, the story is passed to the next member to add details to the story. The story will continue being passed until the last family member finishes the story. Each family member will make up the story when it becomes his or her turn. This is an opportunity for each family member to become creative in telling a story.
Instead of making up their own story, a family can choose to use a book to tell the story. However, each family member will change the facts to make it into a new story. It will become a challenge for each person to twist the events of the book into a new tale. The kids and adults will be learning how to think quickly. In addition, each person can see how new ideas can form from an old idea.

Act It Out

After telling the stories, the family members can add life to the stories by acting them out. The kids can be encouraged to prepare a presentation of the stories, and then, they can act out the events for the parents. Add some music to the play or drama to make it more interesting.

Camping Indoors

Many kids love to pretend that they are camping outdoors. Tents can be made with blankets thrown over chairs. Blankets can be placed inside the homemade tent for the kids to relax and enjoy their indoor camping experience. Adding a basket of snacks to the activity will make it even more fun. All the family members can become involved by roasting marshmallows over a make-believe campfire and telling ghost stories.

Family Movie Time

Pop some popcorn, and watch a movie together. Family movie time will be an opportunity for each person to bond together over a favourite movie. Choose a movie that the entire family will enjoy.

Spending family time together can make memories that the kids can reflect on when they are grown. And now that technology has advanced, interactive things such as smart tvs and PlayStations are creating more activities for the family to enjoy together. Staying indoors can be fun, energetic and adventurous when you find a memorable activity to do that involves the entire family.

Tom is a tech head and is currently studying computer engineering. He loves everything to do with technology and writes these blogs hoping that it will help those who are not to savvy when it comes to basic tech knowledge.

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