Friday, February 1, 2013

Report Cards

I am so glad that my children got over with their colds after almost a week.  However, I have a cold now too.  I am congested and coughing a lot which isn't fun.  I hope that I can get over with this cold soon.

On the lighter note, the report cards were sent to us last weekend.   I am very happy and proud of my Burritos for doing so good in school.  I think any parents would be very happy to see their children's report cards with  good  grades. 
 During the first  grading, Mr. Burrito had one I which means improving but  this second grading, all of the areas are satisfactory.
 I tried getting some good pictures of them but these are what I captured.  They just want to be silly and funny in front of the camera these days.
 I will be in school the whole day tomorrow for the open house.  The good thing is that, we don't have to go early as  there is a two-hour delay again due to the freezing rain.

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