Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Carefree and Happy-Go-Lucky Guy Turns 12

At 10:09 of January the 15th, twelve years ago, our youngest was born.  He was an 8 pounder baby.  My pregnancy with him was  a lot harder than with my daughter's but it was all worth it.  Despite the doctor's suspicion that he might have a down syndrome, he turned out healthy, for that,  we are truly grateful and blessed.
This guy's personality is way different than his sister.  He is carefree and happy-go-lucky.  He love to have fun and does not worry about things.  It makes me  worry and at the same time thankful.  I worry  that he might not be serious about things that matter but I am thankful that he isn't a worrywart like me.  But then again, he is young and  suppose to enjoy being a child.
 Although  he is not very fond of school, his dream is to become a doctor or engineer.  I told him that in order to achieve that, he need to be good in school.  His grades are good though although he can improve so much more if he  put his mind to it.
 I hope that we could continue to guide him towards a good path  in life.  That's always my prayer that both of our children will grow up to be good people.
  I love that he is still acts like a child, he loves to  dance  whenever and wherever, he doesn't care what others think lol.  It always  bring a smile to my face although it annoys his sister, to me, it's a treat to see him always laughing and having fun no matter what he does.
My wish for you Anak,  is to have a healthy and happy life.  I pray that God will continue to bless you with that.  Even when Mom and Dad will no longer be around in the future, I want you to remember how much we love you.  Happy birthday!

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