Thursday, April 22, 2021

Homecoming 2020

2020 was a disaster for a lot of us due to the COVID19 pandemic.  Schools were closed and activities were canceled.  The kids really missed a lot of  fun opportunities including homecoming and other big school events.  My daughter and some of her close friends held a private HOCO at one of the parents' home, thanks to the Mehilis family for hosting it.  

They also had dinner dates with their friends at Ditka's prior to this gathering.
I am glad that  this was held, it gave the kids some relief after doing  cyber classes.  Man, those cyber classes were tough.  It seemed like they were doing so much homework everyday and it never ends.    
  Anthony is one of her closest friends and he asked her again this year to be his prom date.  I love seeing this kids grow up together.  My daughter started at St. Joseph School on her kindergarten days while most of these kids started during the pre-school days.  
This private HOCO was  not for the entire sophomore class.   It's only for the students in one subject so it was rather  a small group.  Beside they were following the  small crowd policy (pandemic guideline) for get together ,  It's a frustrating  times where not everyone can gather together but its a sad reality of this difficult times.  I'm sure that there are parents that  sure would love to see their kids dress up too for this occasion but wasn't able to because of the pandemic.  
I'm just glad that even though there was a restriction, these group of teenagers can still gather together once in a while and have fun.  Thanks to the parents who  step up and made all these possible. 
I have high respects for the parents who has the creativity in pulling this kind of event together.  Some of them  goes beyond and offer their valuable time, spend their day offs to take the kids somewhere where they could have a little fun.
Madonna High School don't have a big crowd and that's a huge blessing to me.  My daughter is super introvert so she's only close to few people.  I'm even surprised that she's the President of the class because she's not very outgoing.  I think its the challenge that she set to herself, to overcome the awkwardness in dealing with people.
She's very intelligent and hold herself accountable when it comes to maintaining her high grades.  She doesn't settle for mediocre result when it comes to academics.  Even when her grades are over a hundred, she still does the extra credit works that the teacher offers as a backup if her grade goes down (which seldom happens).  She works really hard to attain the best grades she could possibly get.  She sets a very good example to her brother, I just wish he would put much effort as her but they are two different people so I can't really compare.
I got to take some pictures when we dropped her off at the Mehilis residence.  They were kind enough to  welcome the parents.
So even though, the school did not haver a proper homecoming event, this kids have their own little private hoco.  They get to spend and enjoy some times together.
We bought her outfit before the pandemic hits so I am glad she was able to use them.  I am hoping that everything will get back to normal so these kids can enjoy the things that they missed for the past year.  I am glad that they are back to school full time.  As I mentioned earlier, the cyber classes were tough.   

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

If I Were Principal

Below is the essay my daughter submitted for the leadership she was going to do during her sophomore year but pandemic hits so it was cancelled.  I thought of saving her piece by uploading it here in the blog.  

Some of the most common questions I find fellow peers of mine asking during school are: “why do I need to know this?” and “what is the point of learning this?”. I believe that many students have the mindset that school is simply another daily obligation or another task to get through during the day. If I were principal, I would work towards changing this mindset, because I believe it would result in a larger number of students who were motivated and interested in attending school.

As principal, I would focus on helping students to look at school not just as an obligation but as an opportunity to learn and grow both as a student and as a person. I believe that unless students become aware of what the true point of attending school is, they will continue to be uninterested and will not be able to fully take advantage of the learning and growth opportunities that attending school offers. To create a more motivated and purposeful mindset for the students at my school, I would set a clearer focus on how the material that the students are learning could be applied to and used in their everyday or future lives. I would encourage the teachers to involve real-life scenarios and examples during lectures and classroom discussions to allow students to better understand the importance of what they are learning. I would also organize more field trips to further connect what the students are learning with real places and people around the community.

In my opinion, the paramount responsibility of a principal is to ensure the best learning and growth opportunities for each member of the student body and make every effort to bring about changes to benefit the students. If I were principal, I would do just that by changing the mindset of students towards attending school and getting them excited to expand their knowledge and grow as students and as people.

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Dinner with Friends at Ditka’s in Robinson Plaza

 Due to the pandemic, a lot of school events were cancelled.   So all the plans are put to a halt but glad these youngsters are creative enough to go and have a little fun by creating a diversion by themselves.  Since they can go with the normal or traditional homecoming dinner, they decided to to do it by themselves.  They went to Ditka’s, an upscale steak house restaurant in Robinson Plaza in Pittsburgh, PA.

Our daughter went with close friends.   They went with their homecoming partners.
We took some photos before they left to capture the moment.
Time sure is flying by.  Both of our kids are now taller than me.  It makes me sad and happy at the same time, sad because  I miss the babies in them and happy because I witnessed their growing up years every single day.  I am fortunate enough to be a stay at home mom and be their primary caregiver.  I am blessed and I am grateful for that.

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Higher Graduation Rate and More Life Earnings: The Benefits of Reading

As well as providing endless enjoyment for both parents and children, reading to children has so many social and educational benefits! These benefits carry all the way through to college and working life, making it the perfect activity for preparing little ones for a successful future.
Extensive research has been done to show how valuable reading to your children is. It has been stated by The 90% Reading Goal that 77% of children who begin reading at a second to eighth-grade level at the beginning of their third grade will graduate high school. As well as this, only 27% of children reading at a lower level than this will graduate. Reading aloud to your children is a fantastic way to boost their confidence and familiarity with reading from an early age, ensuring they’re much more prepared to reach this reading level at elementary school. Just 20 minutes a day is enough to obtain the amazing benefits.

One major benefit of reading aloud to your children is faster development of communication skills, making children become more familiar with language and expression. Personalized books are amazing for developing this skill, since children will be able to relate to the story and in turn communicate the tale and the setting to their parents in a more effective way. You can find some fantastic personalized children’s books here!
While nurturing your parent-child bond during those 20 minutes a day, children will also be likely to perform higher academically. They’ll learn to be educated in different environments, as well as learn literacy skills from a young age when they delve in a magical world of adventure and learning.

Not Enough Parents Read to Their Kids for Long Enough

In The Book, a children’s book publisher, then wanted to discover just how many parents were reading to their children for 20 minutes a day. After surveying a thousand parents of children aged 0-5, they found out that only 18% of parents were reading to their children for 20 minutes a day! With keeping children engaged sometimes a difficult task, being more creative and active with story time is a great way to keep children looking forward to the activity. Even more, 20 minutes a day seems like no time at all to achieve the benefits for their development!

Even more fascinating is the discovery by The 90% Reading Goal that a child’s lifetime earnings, if they graduated high school, can increase to over $500,000 dollars more than dropouts. Therefore, reading aloud to them will better prepare them for high school graduation, and ultimately enable them to earn more in their lifetime! By making reading with your children an exciting activity and one you can share together, they’ll get to experience so many academic and monetary advantages, as well as create fond memories of time with their parents.

Monday, June 29, 2020

Graduation Reception at Holiday Inn #Class2019

After the mass and the graduation rites, students and their families  went to Holiday Inn for the reception and awarding ceremony.  Graduation here is a lot different than the ones we have back home.  Never the less, it was a great moment for our first born.  I can't believe that she have graduated  from St. Joseph already.
Their homeroom teacher, Mrs. Ferguson made this Name initial project and have them decorated it with pictures.  They were displayed at the reception hall.  I thought that was a really nice touch to the  special occasion.
I got the chance to take some photos of these beautiful young ladies before before the awarding ceremony started.
With Lizzy, Lyd, Jul, and Ally.
I thing their homeroom mom, Rose A, baked this cake  for them.
I'm not quite sure if these cakes were also provided by the homeroom moms or  by the caterer. It's hard to recall the details since a year have passed already.
The white and black gang, me, Darla, and Rose.
Looking  at these kids made me realized how time flies. I can remember how little they were when they all first met in kindergarten.  
Here's the list of awards my daughter received.

  • -Athletic Recognition for Volleyball 5th-8th
  • -Academic Award in recognition of maintaining a perfect 4.0 GPA for 8 years
  • -West Virginia History Bowl 2019 participation
  • -President’s Education Awards Program Award for Outstanding Academic Excellence 
  • -Yearbook Cover Contest Winner
  • -St. Aquinas Medal recipient
Yearbook cover winners
With her friend Emily.
With her close friend Lydia M.  They've been friends  since Kindergarten.They're still friends even  now that Lyd goes to Weir High.
The combination of St. Paul and St. Joseph, they all gotten close because of volleyball.
Lyd M., Emily, Mack S. Julia W., Jul V., Olivia, Ally P, Lizzy E., Hannah B., and Rye.
We chose to continue her education to Catholic School.  It's true that it's expensive but I think it's worth every cent we spent for our children.  They're smart and seeing their grades is like our reward for a money well spent.  Our son will be  in 8th grade this and hopefully, Covid19 will be gone by the time he graduates.

Homecoming 2020

2020 was a disaster for a lot of us due to the COVID19 pandemic.  Schools were closed and activities were canceled.  The kids really missed ...