Monday, September 3, 2018

How Sports Can Impact Your Child's Life

Some children want to start playing sports at a fairly young age. They either get interested when watching a sporting event on the television or from tossing a ball around with dad. Playing sports at any age has a huge impact that can change their trajectory in life. Today we are looking at all the types of sports available, how you can support them, and the lessons they learn.

The Variety of Options
If your child just wants to expel a lot of energy, you may be wondering what the best sport is to put your child in. Here are a few examples:
  • Softball/baseball – these games are similar with a few slight differences. Softball is slower pitching, bigger ball, and smaller diamond. This is not a full contact sport but accidents can still happen!
  • Football – a full-contact sport, even at a young age. Getting hurt gets more serious as the children age and become stronger and bigger. While popular among young boys, girls are often welcomed with open arms.
  • Soccer – not an intentional full-contact sport. You don’t tackle anyone like you would in football but since feet are the primary use, it is very likely one will get hurt while playing.
  • Bowling – may not seem like a sport but it very much is. No contact and a great skill builder.
Get Them the Gear They Need
Supporting them isn’t just signing them up and letting them have at it. You got to make sure they have everything they need. That may be custom softball socks, helmet, shin guards, or wrist guards. Ask your league coach for advice on what your child needs and brands they may recommend. Getting a coach recommendation will help you navigate the crazy world of sporting goods. Don’t forget the water bottles, extra snacks for practices and games, and ride arrangements for those days when you can’t take them.

Be There!
Aside from everything, be there and be their personal cheerleader. It doesn’t matter if it’s the first day of tryouts, the first football scrimmage, their first game as goalie, or the last bowling match, being there is the best thing you can do for your child and their self-esteem. It also allows you to get excited for your child and see that they are safe and learning great stuff.

They Learn More in Sports Than on the iPad
The lessons that a child learns by playing in a youth league are almost innumerable. Their social skills improve because they form bonds with their teammates and feel more confident stepping out into the world knowing they are a part of something other than the family unit. They learn how to work together and most importantly, good sportsmanship. Good sportsmanship can be difficult when winning becomes the center of everything, but children enjoy supporting and cheering their teammates on and rely on their understanding that those same people will support them in return. When they see their family in the stands cheering them on, they learn that they do matter and are important to others that they love and adore.

There are also physical health lessons that come into play in youth sports. They learn more about what their body can and cannot do. They feel strong as they grow and build muscle. They learn more about healthy nutrition in order to stay in the best shape for their chosen sport.
Team youth sports is a wonderful activity for all children to engage in, no matter their skill level. We advise you do check with your child’s doctor to be sure they are physically ready for their new hobby. We suggest you get a new calendar so that you can manage all the practices, games, and slumber parties with new friends.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Eventful Summer of 2018 for our Children

This summer is full of fun for the kiddos, they got to experience a lot of things.  This was a school break where non-stop activities just keep pouring for my kids.   Not only  that they got to experience fun stuff, they also did some volunteering jobs and be part of some  important event that  has a big impact in their lives.  We also did a lot of "first-time" activities so this is really a jam-packed summer.
One of the boys from my daughter's class  loves playing pool tricks.  In just six months, he already broke  the  Guiness World Record for a Jump Pot of a Billiard Ball.  My daughter witnessed his successful  attempt and was happy  for the support that she gave her friend.  
For the first time, they  experienced the  adrenaline rush in White Water Rafting that we did in Hartford Tennessee.  It was a lot of fun!

This  was also their first experience in Horse Backriding.  We did it on our second day in Pigeon Forge.
Our  Tenessee trip was a blast.  We got to do a lot of things.
Kentucky was also fun.  We went to the Newport Aquarium.
Our trip to Moundsville was not really for leisure but we made it fun and educational.  
Another year of Amish exploration for us.  We can't let a year pass by without visit the Amish Place in Ohio, this time we went on a different one, we went to a bigger one which is the  Walnut Creek .  Amish   place  really brings us  a relaxing feeling that we don't  get driving around here in the city.  There is something out there that's so calm and enjoyable.
For a  couple of hours, we drove through North Carolina after our white water rafting  fun in Hartford Tennessee.  It was really nice seeing two states in one day.
We live near Pittsburgh and we have been there so many times but we have never been to their state park in the middle of the city.  In fact we didn't know about Point State Park until this year so it was nice  seeing it for the first time.  

North Star Tiki is  between Pittsburgh and  the city where we live but we have never been there before.  My daughter's  class held their  end-of-the-year party there so we all got to go and see the place.  We had a lot of fun there as well.

We have been to so many places in Ohio but not in Cincinnati so we were glad that the place we stayed at in Kentucky was near Cincinnati.
We got to see their International Friendship Park and get to enjoy the  thriving arts scene all around the city and we got to bond with the Dias Family.
Before leaving Pigeon Forge, we  dropped by at Gatlinburg a little bit and enjoy the scenery and shopped a little bit.

We participated at the campus clean up project that was spearheaded by one of my son's classmates.
We volunteered to help at the church's fund raising event where donated items were sold at the annual rummage sale that was held at the school gymnasium.
For the first time, we  were part of the 4th of July parade, we joined the Pro Life group.
This is the  second time  my daughter volunteered for the Vacation Bible school.  She usually helps with the arts and crafts.
This was the first year where the volleyball coach from my kids school formed a team and participated to the summer program of the Pittsburgh Elite Volleyball.  Their last fun activity was going to a fair with their friends.
They have been back to school for a week now so I feel like the summer break went flew by so quickly.  Now they are back to their regular routine for school, violin lessons, and juijitsu.  My daughter's  volleyball season have started already so they will be very busy with school related  functions again.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Healthy Tips for Your Child’s First Months at Daycare

When your child first starts going to daycare, it can feel like you live at the doctor’s office. Most of us have done our best to make the home a sick-free zone, but that first exposure at daycare is like biological culture shock. Today, we know more about bacteria and germ growth works at schools. That’s thanks to the same tools that helped scientists discover diseases like Multiple Sclerosis. Widespread usage of tools like the microscope helped identify what makes us sick, but it also taught us where we catch colds and what we can do to defend our families. 
Doing Timeline Project
Here are a few basic tips for getting through those first few months and getting your child acclimated to school. 

Health Starts at Home
The type of food you eat, the environment you keep, and how frequently you take care of the basics around the house all affect a child’s health. Let’s first look at food, since it’s the basis for a healthy body. 
Fruits, veggies, and iron-rich foods are all crucial to your child’s health. Picky eaters might need supplemental vitamins. SmartyPants Vitamins, for instance, recommends taking a single dosage each day because it uses multiple vitamins to deliver a complete regiment of important nutrients. 
Other measures at home can help your child learn how to approach toys and playground fixtures with a sanitary mindset. Instructing kids not to place their fingers in their mouths, noses, or eyes is a good approach for daycare prep. One way to encouragegood hygiene is to wash hands together before and after meals, after dishwashing, trash handling, and other chores. Good hygiene is the basis for staying healthy at preschool. 
Observe School Policies
One of the ways well-meaning parents spread sickness is by bringing their child to school with a fever. Sometimes, we just don’t have a choice and we have to hope the fever will break. Those are the worst times to send a child to school, though, because the sickness spreads like wildfire. 
Children put toys in their mouths, touch things adults would not consider touching, and do all of this in the two or seconds our backs are turned. 
The best thing you can do for a child who is getting sick, or who already has a fever, is to keep him or her at home. When in doubt, ask your child’s teachers. Let them know the symptoms and ask them to call if anything goes wrong throughout the day. 

Get Plenty of Rest
A healthy sleep schedule helps reinforce a child’s immunity and gives them enough energy to face the day. Kids consume a lot of food and burn a lot of energy, and everything is still new to them. They require naps to allow the brain to process all of this new information, and for the body to recharge. 
Your child will usually signal how much napping he or she needs to stay functional. Some parents find their child’s nap schedule doesn’t sync up with what the books or the doctors say. In this case, encourage more quiet time and relaxation that isn’t reliant on sleep. Calming and soothing times have a similar effect and can help ease your little one into a proper nap schedule. 

Final Thoughts
If your child does contract something, the best thing you can do is keep the fluids coming. Children will become dehydrated quickly when they are sick, so give them as much water as they can handle. 
Learn when to keep them home, and be sure you have some medicine handy to break fevers (like infant Motrin or Tylenol). Call the doctor as needed and be prepared for a few worried nights, but with these tips, your child will stay healthy and safe. 

Friday, August 3, 2018

5 Ways to Get the Family Involved in Nature

There are numerous reasons why you should encourage those around you to explore nature, especially your children. Reducing stress, encouraging co-operation and compassion, helping them with their homework and thinking more creatively are just a few of the valid reasons why your kids should be spending their free time outside in green spaces. There are also many vital health benefits such as improved immunity, better eyesight and stronger muscles and bones. If you’re wondering how you can encourage them to put down their mobile gadgets and get outside, here are a few ideas.
Indian Echo Caverns, Hershey PA - 2015
Build a Garden Pond
Introduce a water feature into your garden, and you’ll be amazed at the nature it encourages to visit! Young children, in particular, will need constant supervision around any water but this is an ideal opportunity for you to teach them what you know about wildlife. Building a pond doesn’t have to be an elaborate affair; companies such as can provide all you need to get the project underway.

Take Them Insect Hunting
Ask most kids, and they’ll say they think insects are cool. They might make your skin crawl, but for your kids, insects have the opposite effect. Encourage them out in the garden, armed with a magnifying glass. You’ll have to keep them company though, just in case they encounter something not very friendly! Talk to them about the colours of the insects they find, where they might live and whether they bite or sting. Take their observations back inside and do some research and maybe start a insect album.  

Nature Photography
This is a way of combining their love of the latest gadgets with spending time outdoors. There are some important benefits when kids spend more time in the open air, getting up close and personal with nature. As well as bringing them closer to nature, photography will also give them a sense of purpose and introduce them to a new hobby.
New River Gorge, WV - 2017

Set up a Nature Window in Your Home
It’s possible to bring nature into your home by creating a nature window in your living room or kitchen. In the window, you can have a pair of binoculars or maybe a beginner’s telescope for looking at the stars. Stock it with nature books and a bird identification book. If the weather allows, pitch a tent in the garden. Take a walk around some of the wilder parts of your neighborhood and see what’s lurking in the weeds at the edge of your local park or playground.

Use Apps to Make it More Interesting
If you can’t convince your kids to put their smartphone down, encourage them to use one of the many nature apps that are available. For example, there’s one that will help them identify birdsong. Another will help them learn the names of trees when they upload an image of a leaf. If they’re more interested in the greater universe, many apps will help them to identify stars, planets, and constellations.

It’s a big wide world out there beyond your front door so why not encourage your kids to take advantage of it? As well as the many personal benefits, teaching them respect for the environment is an important lesson to learn for their future.   
Lake Arthur Regatta - Moraine State Park, PA 2014
Lake Arthur Regatta - Moraine State Park, PA 2014
Lake Arthur Regatta - Moraine State Park, PA 2014

Monday, July 30, 2018

Tips For Bonding With Your Teenager

If you are concerned about the relationship that you share with your teenager, it is vital that you take control of the situation as soon as possible. Otherwise, you and your teen could continue to drift further and further apart. Have no fear! Reconnecting with your youngster is much easier than you would think. Below are four tips that can help you on your way. With any luck, they will assist you in getting your relationship back on track. Within a matter of weeks, you may see a chance and could be enjoying a fun, friendly, and fabulous relationship with your teenager, so what are you waiting for?

Redecorate their bedroom
Depending on the current state of your teenager’s bedroom, it might be time to redecorate. Redecorating a bedroom is a fantastic opportunity for you to embrace the fact that your youngster is growing up. Instead of forcing them to make do with a childish design scheme, you should be guiding your teen towards the next stage of life. Hopefully, this will encourage them to have more respect for their living space. In addition to this, the process of making design decisions should help to bring you and your teen closer together. Just think of all the fun you could have picking out paint samples, building flatpack furniture, and selecting the perfect final touches.

Look out for fun activities to enjoy together
Another great tip is to look out for fun activities to enjoy together. If you are finding it hard to convince your teen to spend any time with you, the trick is to organize an exciting event. You could go to a concert, attend a sports competition, or visit an incredible attraction. Whatever you decide, the most important thing is that you involve your teen in the decision-making process. Although it might be tempting to plan a surprise, this could result in you choosing the wrong event. That is why you should play it safe by encouraging your teen to join you as you scroll through Ticket sales. Don’t worry; it won’t be long until you find an option that excites you both.
Support their educational endeavors
The next tip is to support your teen in their educational endeavors. As your youngster grows up, it is likely that they will face more and more pressure at school. They will have papers to write, exams to study for, and important decisions to make. Of course, you don’t want to add to this pressure by becoming a pushy parent. However, you do want your child to know that you are there for them. In order to achieve this, you will need to take an active interest in your teen’s education. Every day, you should be asking your teen about their experience at school. You should also make an effort to attend any educational events that they invite you to.

Build up their self-esteem
Finally, you should make it your goal to build up your teen’s self-esteem. Even if your child appears pretty confident, they are sure to have their hang-ups. Rather than allowing these issues to go unchecked, you should teach your teen the importance of self-love and self-belief. This will help them to flourish into a confident and well-balanced adult. It should also work wonders for your relationship, as your teen will start to see you as a constant source of praise, love, and support.

How Sports Can Impact Your Child's Life

Some children want to start playing sports at a fairly young age. They either get interested when watching a sporting event on the televi...