Thursday, July 14, 2011

Spray Paint - Color Connection # 7

We made some tie dyed shirt using the spray paint that my Mom have won online. I was very happy because we did it on my birthday.
I think that spray paint is easier to do than the other kind.
Even my brother can do it too.
We had so much fun doing it even if it was too hot outside.
We actually did not tie the shirt, we just twisted it a little bit and fold some to create the design.
Dad, took the photo below after we got done spray painting.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Cancer the Crab

According to my Mm and Dad, my ZODIAC sign is Cancer and that I was born in the year of the Rooster. I don't understand the astrology thing yet but I want to thank all the thoughtful people who sent me gift for my birthday last week. I had a blast with all the beautiful gifts that I received. A cake mixer and other accessories from my Tita Chris.

Thanks to the following families below for the generous gifts that they sent me through the mail.
  1. Dias family from Texas - Tita Demcy, Tito Greg, and Akesha 
  2. Worthingthon family from Pittsburgh - Tita Shy, Tito Joe, Jake and Justin 
  3. Cole family from Pennsylvania - Tita Mel, Tito Ted, George and Vince 
  4. Sasaki familty from Japan - Tita Clang, Tito Yochan, Wakaba and Haruka 
To my dearest Pap for making me have my dream easy bake cookies kit, I love you Pap!
To our neighbors - the Fancher's and Howell's family.
To my cousin Jen andJim family.
Most especially to my wonderful family, Mom, Dad, and EJ for making my birthday a fabulous one.
Thank you all so much for the greetings, gifts, and for simply remembering my birthday!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Today, I am Six

Thank you everyone for coming to my blog today. I turned six years old today and I am so happy. I think that my Mom is very proud of me, I have been helping her around the house the best I could. I always make my bed after I get up in the morning. Mommy said that it's what girls should do.

Thank you once again for coming to my special day! Please play along with me this Saturday through Color Connection.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Art Gallery - Color Connection # 5

For the past week/days, my Mom became a working machine. She was organizing and cleaning and doing a lot of stuff inside our home. She fixed my bedroom, arranged all our shoes and toys, and she made me an art gallery down the basement.

Moms saves everything and I am thankful! Thanks a bunch Mommy for putting up my art works, I love you!
I think that all Moms have Xtra ordinary power to do so many things, don't you agree?

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