Monday, August 17, 2015

First Day of School SY 2015-2016

I was looking at this photo earlier at my phone and it makes me sad that my kids have grown up a lot! I am so grateful and blessed  that I get to be a stay-at-home-mom.  It might not be a cloud nine everyday (you know what I mean right, lol) but it's worth every second I spend my time with them.  

 Today is there first day of school and as I prepared their breakfast, U wanted to cry because I felt a very strong emotion  that I couldn't  explain.  I thought that as they grow older, it would be easier for me to  send them to school but no! It doesn't get any easier at all.  The only consolation I have is seeing their smiles  and  their excitement of going back to school.  
 They never really cried when I sent them to Kindergarten on the first day but I did!  I don't cry now when I get back home but still hard  for me to see them  go on the first day.  Today is half day and they have free dress day.  Tomorrow will be the start of a full day at school and wearing uniforms.
 Anyway, we went to school early today to avoid the rush of so many  students pouring in.  We brought all their supplies last Friday when we  registered  so it was an easy day today.  I can't believe my son is now in third frade and my daughter is in middle school.  Ahhhh time really flies!
My daughter  woke up so early and made this  note for her teacher.
A pose with her classmate before I left.
As I tyoed this, my heart is heavy but at the same time  I am excited for their new adventures in learning.  Talking about mixed emotions eh?  I don't know, maybe I am just too attached to my kids that I have this separation anxiety everytime they go.
In ten years, we only left these two to a caregiver ince when we attended a Navy Bal few years ago.  Ut was really hard for me being away from them and it was just  for few hours.  I don't think I will be able to take it if we will be sparated for  weeks or even days,  Ih boym I better stop before tears  flood my keyboard.  Have a great  day everyone!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Dog Sitters: Summer Job for the Kiddos

During summer break, my kids always find ways to do to earn a little  money for them to spend on things while on vacation. 
 Our neighbor hired them to  take care of her fur babies while  she's at work.  The kiddos don't mind doing it, in fact they  love it because they love dogs.
 They even told her  that they can take care of them for free but  our neioghbor  paid them anyway.
 Their  dogs are like beef cakes, they are beautiful and very gentle.
They have labs and retriever which are very  kid-friendly.  I told the kids that they can spend  the money the way they want to but they said that  they want to add it in their savings which  is  adorable.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Go Farther, Dream Bigger, and Look Good Doing It! #liveLikeHeroes

Being a blogger and media influencer is great because you get to work with  different  companies.  Most of the companies I work  with  are great.  This is the advantage of  working online, you don't only work for one company but  many.  It also feel rewarding when you see the company evolved and progress and the best part of it is, you get to witness them change for the better.  One of the companies that I truly like is the Warrior Poet.
They carry boy clothing that are made with high quality materials. They recently changed their website url from .com which is nice. Their website url speaks of what they are now, which is providing clothing for boys. If you have a son, you know that there's not many companies that only cater for boy clothing.
As part of their blogger program, we were given a shirt   as  a promotion for their newly revamped website.  I chose this Sweater Vest design for my son.
I love how it is designed with a tie and vest.  It makes it look sophisticated and stylish for any little boy.
Look how big  the smile of my little  young man is.  He love shirt designs that are unique.  I hughly recommend their  clothing for boys.  They are stylish and very well-made and  has quality craftmanship in every piece.  
Today, Warrior Poet launched their video which is based on a true story.  You may watch it and be inspired.

Based On A True Story : Loyalty from Warrior Poet on Vimeo.

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EJ Can Change the World

During the  book fair last year, my son asked me if he can buy a set of  books about the US president so I bought it for him.  
One of the personalized children's book that I See Me! sent me for review is this EJ Can Change the World that my son really love.  It's amazing how simple words and sentences can give  hope and  perspectives to kids.  
Even though this book is not on my son's  reading level anymore, he loves it  just because it is quite unique.
His favorite part is  the page where his picture appeared.  He thought it's really sweet.  
I See Me! has a lot of back to school collection such as LunchboxesPuzzlesColoring BooksPlacemats,   Stickers, and Growth Charts! You can find just about anything for special children in your life.  

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Friday, July 31, 2015

Parenting is a HEART Work

I have two tweens at home  and their personalities clashes sometimes because they have different interests.  One of the   things that they have in common is music and arts so I am very pleased with that.  They are such good kids  but that doesn't mean that they are  saints either, they have their moments for sure that sometimes makes me question  my  role as a parent.  Hubby and I are constantly  learning  ways to  become better  parents to our children.  We are always seeking ways to improve our ways in handling our children's situations.  
We learn from other parents, we learn from other kids, and we certainly learn from our own children.  Our children can teach us valuable lessons too so we have to be very open in learning and seeing the signs that our kids are telling us.  When my kids were little, I was very hot tempered, my patience is very short and it was affecting how I handle things at home.  It affects my kids and it certainly affects my   confidence of  doing my job as a Mom.  As they grow older, I also changed my ways and now, I can handle things better in a very calm way.  I am glad that there are parenting books that we can read these days. I got a copy of this Parenting is a Heart Work  that was  written by Dr. Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller.  They are the same authors that wrote the book I  reviewed previously, the Motivate Your Child Action Plan.  
So far, I am enjoying it's content.  I am not done  reading the entire book but it definitely shed some lights about my parenting ways.  It gives me   wonderful insights on how to handle things with our kids.  I love that they  uses  examples from real parents and they also  site  stuff from the Bible.  
With so many  messed up stuff happening in this world, we have to be very vigilant and get involved in our children's lives.  Our world is changing and   every generation is changing their ways.  We need to be proactive and constantly  look for ways on how we could raise our children to be a better citizen someday.  They are our future so the way they will be as adult  depends on how we raise them as individuals.
Parents are children's first teachers.  Their learning starts from our home, it starts with us.  We become their big influence on how they would act in  public.  Reinforcing  strong morals and good behavior in our kids is important as  they would soon be exposed  in the real world and  see and experience things differently.  
If you instill a great foundation in them, there's a greater chance that they would do just fine in the challenges that they will face in the real world.  There are parents nowadays who are scared to discipline their child.  Disciplining your child  doesn't mean you have to do it  physically, the  great way to handle discipline is through reaching their emotions, touching their hearts.  
I am very strict Mom but I also have limitations.  I set limits for my kids and I also set limit for myself.  It needs to be balanced.  Sometimes we  forget to listen to what our kids is saying.  I have been there but I learned my lesson and glad that I corrected myself and now I have a better  communication with my kids.  
I used to tell them that I should be followed because I am the Mom but it was wrong.  I changed my approach and now  things are better with me and my kids.  I am not  stressed and they are happy.  You see, parenting is a constant learning process, it's a work in progress.  You will learn everyday.  This book is really a great read for every parents out there.  You will learn   a different approach for  different situation.  You can buy this here via Amazon for $12.90
The National Center for Biblical Parenting is launching their  Parent Training Center program  to help  churches disciple parents.  You can check further details at website.  When your church sign upm  the book will  be included in the Parent Training Centers.
To find out morem please watch the video below.

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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Rylie, We Wish You More

If you are a frequent visitor of this blog, you probably know that my kids love to read.  They developed a love for reading at an early age which I am very glad as reading is one of the many ways  of enriching and broadening ones'  vocabulary.
I See Me offered me two Personalized Children’s books  for review which makes for special gifts for my voracious readers at home.  I know that these books are  already out of range for my kids reading level but I  still want to get it for them  because it would make a great  collectibles that they can keep and share with their own children when they  have their own family.  I love personalized gifts like this because it makes it more special.  
Our daughter just had her birthday  this months  so I got her the Rylie, We Wish You More book which she likes.  She love it because it has a special dedication inside the book.  She said that  she will  read this book to her kids someday.
I told her that  this is way out of her league  for her reading level but she said it's okaym she would gladly have it as a keepsake.
This is her telling me her plans about her future.  I told her to not to rush in getting married, she has to  finish her  school first then get a decent job so that when she is ready to have a family, it won't be so hardm at least finacially.  She's only ten but  she is so mature   so when we talk to her,  we  feel like we are talking to am 18 or 20 years old lady, lol.
Sometimes, she find it humurous that I talked to her about woman stuff but it is important for us parents to  let them know  the things that matters in life when they are adult already.
This is not the first book that I got for her from I See Me!  She actually put some of them in her memory box already.
If you guys are looking for some   unique gifts, you should check out I See Me,  they have   a great selection of it like  Lunchboxes, Puzzles, Coloring Books, Placemats,   Stickers, and Growth Charts! There is always something for everyone for  every occasion!

Disclosure: The owner of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review.  I was provided with the product/s mentioned  to help me  facilitate this review but  opinions are my own.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Birthday Gifts from the Howells Family

Daughter is showered with beautiful gifts by the Howells family.  They gave her this  big box of goodies when they came home from their  vacation.  Thank you so much  Angie, Sarah, and Liz for these!  Rylie was  beaming with joy when she was telling me about   her gifts.  
 At her age, she is starting to be more self conscious of how she looks.   Sometimes I get a little frustrated when she wants to do her own thing instead of listening to what I say but I understand that she is just starting to  develop  and discover things  of her own.  It scares me sometimes but I know that it is part of her growth.
 The watch is perfect for one of her dresses that she loves to wear to church.  She is not into bracelets yet but I find this bracelet elegant.
 This butterfly  hair clip is perfect for her long hair.  If only, she would let me help her  do her hair, it would be fun.
 She  used this bubble bath already and had a wonderful time (long time actually).
 This fun and summer-y nail polish is perfect to brighten  her fingernails and toenails.
 This glittery lip gloss  is so cute.  She doesn't really use  cosmetics yet but this qwould be a fun remembrance from our thoughtful neighbors.  They are like a family to us.
 Thank you once again to the Howells family for the presents.
At TEN years old, she is  little but I can definitely see  that he is developing into a little lady already.   8-12 years old is often referred to as the Tween Years or the in between years.  I haven't seen  too much attitude yet which I am hoping would stay that way till her teen years so we won't clash lol.  

Listening to Music with Her Headphone on Our Roadtrip

Our daughter brought her  iPod and  headphone on our road trip.  She listens to music while we are on the road.  Sometimes, she sings along with the music and her brother would jam in.  I am so glad that I found and read the  beats pro review as I have found the   good quality of head phones that she's been using for three years now.  I make it a point to read  review  of real customers before I buy something.  

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Dressing Up with the New Costume Madeline Hatter as She Celebrate Her 10th Birthday

Ten years ago, at 2:57 am, our very first child came.  She scared the heck out of us when her heart suddenly stopped breathing.  I was rushed to an emergency C-section and everything was a blur as I was so dizzy from the epidural they gave me.  Gladly, my husband was there beside me and  immediately notified the  doctor when he saw that the machine monitoring our baby's heartbeat have flatlined.  She was already blue when she came out, thanks be to God, to the doctor and nurses who were there that day, they revived her.  We were so relieved when we heard her first cry.  Now she is TEN!  Time flies, my oh my!
 Anyway, we celebrated her birthday yesterday at home.  To make it more fun and exciting, I let her play dress up and play pretend using this Madeline Hatter of Ever After High costume that I got from
Costume SuperCenter.  I was going to get the large size but knowing how little she is, I ordered the medium.  When it arrived, I thought it was small but when she put it on, it actually fit her perfectly.  My ten year-old is really petite just like me!
The costume includes the dress, tights, necklace, and gloves.  I should have ordered the wig (well, I did  included it  at my order as the amount allotted to me for review covers the wig but they did not send it ), I was bummed.  Luckily, she had a purple head piece to match the dress so it work out fine. 
Before I started cooking for her birthday, I asked her to  put this on and I will give her a little photo shoot fun in our backyard, she willingly obliged!  we had a blast  in the garden, she  told me many times how appreciative she was for making her day very special.  I decorated our dining room  with a themed party decor so she was  happy about that too.  I stopped hosting birthday parties when my kids started going to school. With all the bills  and  only one  stable income coming in, we have to prioritized our spending.  To host a  decent party, you will have to  spend at least $200-$300.  With enrolment  coming right around the corner, it won't be feasible as we  have to save for  their  tuition fees and other school expenses.  
I am very  thankful that both of them understands our situation and they don't mind celebrating their birthdays with just us.  We usually just go somewhere fun instead of having a party.
Anyway,  back to the costume she's wearing.  If your daughter love the  Ever After High show, I am sure that she would love this Madeline Hatter costume.  You can get this for $31.99  and you can take an extra 25% of all personalized items  if you use the code PERSONALIZE.  To get more deals and other promoted deals,   Like CSC on Facebook.  
She is trying to make the  number 10 number on the photo below.
I don't know what she is trying to do but I just capture the moment while she was goofing around.
I am  taking advantage of this moment that she still wants to be photographed and act like a kid.  I know that very soon, she would shy away from the camera and would probably ask me not to take pictures of her.  For now,m I just click, click,  while I can and being given the opportunity.
I was going to iron the  dress  to even out the  folds and stuff but was afraid that it would burn it.
In the middle of our photo shoot, our fur babies joined in.  I kept telling them to move away but they wouldn't budge so she just have fun with them.
Bolt and Champ have been with us for 6 years now they become the biggest part of our family.  It is hard sometimes  having a dog especially when you ove to travel but it is something that  chose to embrace.  
We will eventually put them  for adoption  if the need arises but for now, we will enjoy their company.  The kids would be willing to give up their vacation because  they don't want the dogs to  be taken away but that would be another post lol.
Over all,  as our daughter turned "two digits" as he  fondly calls it, I am excited  and sad at the same time.  I am excited to see her grow but  a bit sad that she is growing up very fast.  Am I the only one feeling that way?  How about you Moms?
Dear Little Miss

"As you turned ten, may your strong will remain
May you soar high as you try to reach your goal
May you stay loving and caring even when you are older
May we be there always to watch you grow and  guide you.

Alway remember
That we are always here for you
No matter what  happen, we will be supportive 
And help you achieve your dreams.
We love you dearly and we thank God
for giving us a Wonderful YOU!
Happy birthday Anak!
Disclosure: The owner of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review.  I was provided with the products mentioned  in exchange of my honest  opinion .