Friday, September 12, 2014

Friends Get-Together

During the last days  of summer vacation, we spend some great time with the Mascio Kids.  We  went to school and helped sort out uniforms and while the Moms  did the sorting out, the kids played outside the school.  The kids call it, survival game, as they make survival things   from the materials  they found around the school.  
The Mascio also invited us over to their  beautiful home.  The kids  swam in their  pool  while the parents play catch up with things about the school, parenting, and more.
We had pizza, fruits, veggies  for dinner.  After they swam, we  had some smores and then we went inside their home as it was  cold.
We had a great time.    We  stayed  longer than we expected but we had  such a great time spending time with friends.  
Glad these four get along well.  Thanks Steve and Marie for  having us over at your home!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

City Music Center

Last Saturday was  our daughter's first day of classes in  Doquesne University.  She is enrolled to their  music program which include  one-hour of Musicianship, one-hour of Eurhytmics, and a 45-minute one-on-one piano with Ms. Natasha.  She was very nervous on the first day because we read  the reviews  online about her piano teacher and most of her students said that she is very strict, however, they all complimented her for being the best teacher.  Here are some of the photos of her first day at City Music Center.  Their classes are held in Mary Pappert School of Music building.

I tried to divert her nervousness by  letting her pose for me to take a picture of her which she did but inside the  piano teacher's room, you can tell that she is very tensed.
The piano teacher invited us over  to see how she does  but after the session, she told us that we  can no longer come inside with her in the succeeding lessons lol.  After her piano lesson, we  waited outside for her other classes to be over.  We let our son ran around the field and  have fun.
Me and my son won't be going with them  next Saturday.  Three hours of classes is  a very long time for him to wait although he can play outside but I would rather stay here at home with him then we can do something else rather than  be in the campus.  Besides, my husband has to do his  online assignments while waiting for our daughter so it will give him time to do it alone without us.

We Missed to Attend Friends' Wedding

Hubby and I were not able to attend the wedding  of his friend last weekend because  our daughter's first day of classes in Doquesne University have  fallen on the same day and we ran out of time after we got back home.  We were gonna try to go but  the drive from here to the venue of their wedding was two house so we will miss the ceremony anyway.  The thought of leaving the kids just to be able to attend the reception was not really ideal so I told my husband that   he should just give our monetary gift when they see each other at work.  Right now, they are still in honeymoon I think.   To Ralph and Bethany, congratulations  and best wishes to both of you!  Sorry if we were not able to come on your special day!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Compassion and Understanding: Lessons from These two Books

 I received a couple of books full of lessons for kids and adults alike from Wisdom Tales.  I love partnering with companies like Wisdom Tales  that gives opportunities for parents like me to have a copy of their newly published/released books.  Wisdom Tales books are not just ordinary books, they contain beautiful stories full of life-learning-lessons both for kids and adults.  
I have two kids and sometimes, even though I teach them how to share all the time, there are still instances that they wouldn't especially if it involve their favorite toys or things.  So  the story of "The Olive Tree" is perfect to remind them once again how   nice it is to share things  not only with your family but with other people as well.  The award winning illustrator, Claire Ewart included  beautiful paintings on this book.  This books contains a story of two children  who are learning to share and work  together  by looking past their differences. This book will be published  in November 2014, these are just the first copies.   This book definitely teaches children and even adults  a lesson about how compassion and understanding lie at the heart of all friendship.  I highly recommend this book if you are looking for something for your kids to read.  This is  suitable for kids ages 5 and up.  
Summer is ending and Fall will be here soon.  Big holidays are  just around the corner and with that being said, this book "The Dreidel That Wouldn't Spin" would be a perfect book  to  get and read with your kids as you snuggle up with them during the cold season.  If  you celebrate Hannukah holiday, then this book is  just perfect as it explains the meaning of the Hannukah holiday and the story revolves around it.
Whenever I let my kids  read a book, my first question after they read is "What lesson did you learn".  My daughter has a  long explanation about this book which I  wished I could have captured in video.  This  book  tells a very strong message that when you believe, things and miracles  still happens even at a very unexpected ways.  For those of you who have bookworm kids, this is another book I would  recommend to get.  It's a beautiful story full of lessons to learn for young minds.    Thank you so much once again Wisdom Tales!

Disclaimer: The author of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review. Opinions expressed is not in anyway influenced by other factors. The product/s mentioned above was provided for FREE for evaluation purposes. 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Six Benefits of School Uniforms

As your child heads back to school this fall, there’s a good chance that they will be wearing uniforms. USA Today recently reported that almost one out of five students wear a school uniform. This is a sixty percent increase from 2000, and both private and public schools have adopted the trend. Fortunately, access to a Dickies school uniform is easy. Plus, there are a lot of benefits that come with forgoing traditional school clothes, including these six.
1 – Better for Students

When school uniforms are implemented, most students benefit. This requirement sets a standard of dress for all of the kids that attend school. In doing so, a lot of the competition and bias among students is eliminated. Teachers are less likely to judge students, and students are less likely to judge their peers. In addition, when students attend school dressed appropriately, they usually perform better. Therefore, schools that implement stricter dress codes often care about the academic performance of their students.
2 – Increased School Sprit

Since everyone dresses the same with uniforms, unity is often seen on these campuses. They have positive atmospheres where students feel like they can fit in with others. This type of atmosphere boosts camaraderie among students and can easily increase school spirit.
3 – Mornings Are Easier

When a school requires uniforms, the mornings are easier. There is no need to worry about what you should wear to look cool or fit in. Parents also don’t have to fight with their children about what is and isn’t appropriate for school. Instead, the kids just get dressed in something that is acceptable under the dress code rules. Usually they have a few options to choose from. Having fewer choices eliminates the time in the closet. It also helps them get out the door and in the classroom on time.
4 – Safer Learning Environment

Schools that require uniforms are known for safety. One of the reasons that uniforms enhance safety is because they make it easier for safety officials to identity non-students that are on-campus. If these individuals are a threat, officials can take action to prevent a problem before it gets out of hand. Without uniforms, these predators might easily blend into a crowd.
5 – Less Expensive

It is less expensive to purchase uniforms for your children. Most children only need enough shirts and pants to get them through a week of school. Then, you can wash these clothes on the weekend. The cost of this wardrobe is much less than if you were to purchase an entire wardrobe for a school that did not require uniforms.

6 – Self-Expression Is Encouraged

One of the amazing benefits of uniforms is that self-expression is actually encouraged. Since kids cannot use clothing to express themselves, they will use other means to showcase their personality. They might choose to participate in sports, join a club, or excel in academics. Some individuals might not pursue such lofty endeavors if they had clothing to hide behind.
These are just six of the most common reasons why parents, students, and teachers are jumping on the school uniform bandwagon. If you child has to wear uniforms, you have a lot of benefits in store.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Keywords like Arts

It has been years since I started blogging and I love  every  bit of it.  I learned a lot of things  and  I am glad that  even though I am a stay-at-home-mom, I am earning a little bit through blogging which is nice.  One thing  that I learned along the way is the right  way of choosing keywords in your article to be able  to gain some exposure online.  Say for instance, if your  post is about Arts, then you can  use it in your post or in your title.  I am not an expert  to blogging but I love that I can learn from it each day.
 Anyway, these photos were taken during my husband and I's 11th wedding anniversary, we did some unusual things that we have never done before like  visit shopping areas that we've never been to.  We let the kids explore  as well.  Ms. Burrito was glued to the Art  section at  one of the establishment we  visited.
She wanted to buy every book on this  display lol.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Tragic Death of a Gun Instructor by a 9 Year Old

What happen to the gun  instructor was an accident.  He was killed when a 9 year old   fired an automatic gun and she   couldn't handle the recoil.  It's a sad tragedy but I still believe that   kids   need to be taught the proper handling of guns and  teach them the importance of it.   My husband taught  our daughter how to fire a small gun  when she was 7 and she  likes the fact that she can defend herself  if there is  a worse case scenario that she needs it.  I pray that nothing happens like that though. On another note, I finally   found heat guns online .  Hubby  designated me to find this kind of gun that we can use on our project downstairs.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Kid's George Washington Costume

Isn't it amazing that even  kids nowadays like my son idolizes    Our First President of the United States?  George Washington is an international icon for liberation and nationalism which earned him  a lot of respect for generations and generations  even today's generation.  For that many reasons, my son was so pleased when I told him that  I got him a George Washington Halloween costume.

The costume includes a splendid blue three quarter length jacket with gold trim, a tan vest with gold button details and an attached jabot. Also included are matching pants.  I like the jabot, it makes it for a perfect  little gentleman.  I can't wait to see him wear this during the Halloween in school.    I still have to buy him the head piece to complete the look.  Here are some photos of him when I let him try it on.
I told him to crack a little smile and he told me that President needs to be serious (lol).  I said, okay, young man but you are not the president then he  told me again "You never know Mom".  
The conversation made me laugh so then he started giggling to lol.
He tried to hold his laugh but..
....he couldn't, lol.  
So we truly had fun during this  photo shoot and most especially, he was inspired by George Washington.  
Overall, I would recommend this  costume to parent's out there.  It is made in the USA (which is a plus) so it is of high quality.  It cost $54.97 and it is available in sizes medium and large.  My son is wearing a medium size.  You can find  some of the Founding Fathers costume  by visiting any of the links.

Disclaimer: The author of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review. Opinions expressed is not in anyway influenced by other factors. The product/s mentioned above was provided for FREE for evaluation purposes.

Nova Natural – Toys That Will Stimulate Your Child’s Imagination

Childhood is a magical and fleeting time; help your child or children make the most of it by giving them easy access to a toys and activities that will stimulate their imagination. Imaginative play encourages creative-thinking skills that will benefit children in school and throughout their lives. Whether you have a gift-giving occasion coming up, such as Christmas or a child’s birthday, or simply want to surprise your little one, these options are sure to delight them and lead to hours of enjoyment.

Knitting Kit

Few things are as rewarding to a child as proudly displaying something that they’ve made themselves. Craft kits are a wonderful way to give your kids the tools and the instruction they need to create. Giving your child a knitting kit will teach them a skill that they can enjoy for their entire lives. From socks to blankets to sweaters, your child’s creations will evolve as their skills improve.

Origami Kit

Children will be amazed to discover what they can create with just a sheet of paper! There are all kinds of origami kits available, but for a fun twist consider an Origami Ships Book. This kit teaches kids to make origami boats. The paper is waterproof, so kids can actually play with their boats in water. Check out Nova Natural for more information on this and other craft sets such as its butterfly origami kit.

Paper Dolls Kit

Like origami, paper is the creative medium for paper-doll making. Just add scissors, instruction, and creativity and your child will be able to create her own dolls.

Henna Kit

Introduce your children to the ancient art of henna drawing. A precursor to tattoos, henna is all-natural and washes off easily. A henna kit is a fun way to let your children’s creativity soar.

Cloppity Horseshoes

Imagine the fun your child will have galloping around your yard wearing authentic horseshoes on his feet! Children hold the horseshoes in place with jute handles.

Play Kitchens

What will your child cook up in his very own kitchen? Play kitchens are available in all sizes and shapes and range from inexpensive plastic models to solid keepsake wooden kitchens suitable to hand down from generation to generation. Stock the kitchen with realistic-looking dishes and faux foods, hand your child and apron and a chef hat, and watch the magic of creative play unfold before your eyes.

Musical Instruments

There’s an instrument suitable for every age and every stage in your child’s life. From jingle bells, drums, clave sticks, and glockenspiels that even a toddler can manage to children’s guitars, harps, and pentatonic lyres, the gift of music is one that will last a lifetime. When you encourage a love of music early on, your children are more likely to excel at piano, guitar, or violin lessons when they’re older.
Art Supplies

Inside every child there’s a budding artist waiting to come out. Presented a child with an assortment of crayons, markers, colored pencils, paints and brushes, sidewalk chalk, and paper and watch his eyes light up.

In today’s fast-paced, high-tech world, it’s refreshing to see children playing and creating. When you encourage these wholesome pursuits, you’re helping to create happy, well-rounded children.

Monday, August 18, 2014

First Day of School for SY 2014-2015

Today is the first day of school. I am glad that my husband is off because the kids always look forward for both of us to send them off. Since it is the first day, they are allowed free dress today. Uniforms will be worn starting tomorrow.  The funny thing was, hubby and I set our alarm clock to 6:30 but the kids woke up at 6 am lol. They are so excited to go back to school! I am sure that this excitement will start to wear  out  as son as the  homework pours in.
Our second grader is ready to rock.   I can't believe my little boy is growing up to fast!
I see some changes with our daughter in the past couple of months.  She is becoming more conscious of how she  looks now.  She fixes her own hair now which I am thankful because  she doesn't like it when I do it.  According to her, it hurts but I don't let her go anywhere with a messy hair so it is a relief for both of us now that she  knows how to do her hair.
Our fourth grader is still the littlest among the class but she think she's big already. It makes me sad to see my babies grow up so fast. I feel like they are  slipping off my hands.   Few days ago, I was very calm and said "Glad I don't have anxiety anymore in sending them to school" but last night, I felt this  funny feeling again of  making me want to cry and that's because they are going back to school. I thought I passed that stage already but obviously not lol.

I hope that they both do good this year in their classes and I pray that every  student will be safe from any harm. May God bless them and the teachers too!