Saturday, December 13, 2014

Passport to Fun at Jolly Roger's Amusement Park

During our last day in Ocean City we took the kids to the  Speedworld  at Jolly Roger's.  We chose the Drive and Ride  attraction which gives you two hours plus unlimited rides armband.  We paid almost $170 for the four of us.  It was expensive I would say but  worth it because the kids had so much fun especially our daughter who is an adrenaline junkie.  She loves anything fast!
These photos were taken at the Kiddie Gran Prix where the two of them practice their driving skills before we we went to the Family Leman's.
 Our son was  a bit shy and would not  fully speed up but once he got the hang of it, he was cruising.
 He was more accurate in driving that our daughter was.
 The little Miss just want to drive as fast she could.
It was the perfect choice to start the day.  They got to experience driving by themselves without us, well at Jolly Roger's anyway as they have done this already in other  amusement park.

Friday, December 12, 2014

My Little Fashionista

Ms. Burrito is turning ten in half a year but she is tiny for her age.  Finding a dress for her is a bit tough sometimes because she is little.  I  shared the same fate when finding clothes for me, I always shop at the teen section.  Anyhow, this is the dress that we bought at Macy's for her first recital in Duquesne.
 I let her wear some accessories such as my bracelet,\ and the  necklace I got her last year.
 I really don't know how to put make up on but I tried  to put eye make up on her lol.  I think I butchered it though.
 She was wearing the coat that her friend Lauren gave her as a gift.
I think she did a fabulous job performing and dressing up.  I fyou miss to see the video I posted, you can watch it here again.

By the way, thanks for those who helped us out  in picking  wich shoes she should wear for her dress.  Your input  is highly valued!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Getting Baby's Room Ready

I can remember how excited hubby and I  in decorating our first born's room.  Time flies, children get into mischief and now they are getting so big and  showing their own personality.  I am just glad that I have so many pictures to look back to!  I documented  everything, even the mess they made lol.

Whether you’re a new mom or pregnant with another child, being pregnant and expecting a baby very soon is a very exciting feeling. You get so excited to prepare your nursery’s room and be ready with all the things you need for your baby. You may want cute wallpapers and other wonderful designs for your baby. 

 According to, in preparing your nursery room, never forget to put yourself in the picture. Most moms overlook mom-stations like a side table or a small lamp. Side tables will keep everything you need like snack and drinks, your phone as well as your baby clothes and diaper wipes. After all, you'll definitely spend a lot of time with your baby in his/her nursery room. Also, do not forget yourself when preparing for a nursery room, don’t put all your strength in setting up the room. Remember that you have to rest too in preparation for your baby’s arrival.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Fun and Silly Moments

Summer time is a fun time for kids because they are off from school and they can enjoy the  warm weather everyday.  We  have  fun games at home  that both can play inside the house when the  heat of the sun is so intense.  We bought our daughter some crafts to do like crochet and  weaving kit.  She has been doing  neat stuff like  pot holders and even sell some of  it.  Our son, on the other hand, is not into  doing any craft at all so keeping him busy  is a little tough when we don't go somewhere.

One thing that he likes whenever he is  inside the house is playing  cartoon network games online.  There are  many games like Naruto that enhances their    way of thinking.  It makes their mind think faster  figuring out the right technique to win the game.  If you are looking for some summer games to play when you and your kids can not go outside to play, try visiting the  above mentioned website because they have a huge selection of  fun games  to play.  

Right now, my kids are   creating designs from the play dough machine.  This enhances their creativity and  camaraderie to work together.  I love it when both of my kids are  working good together.  Hubby and I gave them  reward for that once in a while.  Sometimes, fun means  being just silly with each other while enjoying their snacks.  

These two are night and day sometimes but  the one thing in common that they have is to brighten up my day!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

8 Great Hobbies to Try With Your Kids

Hobbies are important for our health. They give us time to ourselves to think, relax, and let our imagination flow. Not only that, they can offer great skills that can help in everyday life. By getting your kids into a hobby of their own from an early age, you should notice that their confidence improves. They may even become more happy and creative! If your child doesn’t have one of their own yet, see if they like one of these great hobbies:

  1. Reading

Reading is one of the greatest hobbies in life. A book is a tool to spark the imagination, and lets us step into a whole different world - even if it is just for a short while! By reading, your child should improve their reading level, as well as their spelling. If you ask them to read to you, it could improve their communication skills. Read to them, and it’ll improve their listening.

  1. Writing

Writing lets your kids use their imagination to create any world or situation that they like. You could ask them to write their own short story, a poem, or even a description of the scariest monster they can think of.

  1. Cooking

Cooking is an extremely useful skill to have in life. We all need to eat, and sometimes it’s nice to impress people with great food. You could start your kids off helping you to make cookies and cakes, before letting them try easy to make foods on their own. They’ll probably make a mess, but that’s all part of the creative process!

  1. Collecting

Collecting things is a lot of fun for kids, and they often take great pride in having a big collection of something. They may even like to show it off to friends and family, as well as at shows relevant to the collection. They could collect anything, from coins to Eddie Stobart trucks. Make sure you’re reasonable with the amount they’re allowed so the collection doesn’t start to take over the house.

  1. Gardening

Getting green fingered will teach kids all kinds of things. They could learn about different flowers, plants, bugs, soil, and how plants grow. They might even develop a love for landscaping - who knows!?

  1. Playing an Instrument

Kids pick up things much faster than adults; so many find playing an instrument a breeze. Let them pick something they like the sound of and see if they enjoy playing it. You might want to buy a second hand instrument first, just in case the novelty wears off. If they do enjoy it, they might also enjoy playing in a band or making their own music.
  1. Get Into Sports
Getting into sports will keep kids fit and healthy. Their motor skills should improve, along with their ability to coordinate their hands and feet!

  1. Drawing

Drawing is another messy hobby that kids love. Buy them different drawing materials, from felt tips to paints and let them get creative. If they need ideas, ask them to draw things like their dream house, or the funniest thing they can think of. You’ll end up with some great pictures for the fridge. Make sure you don’t try to help them too much - you want to nurture their creativity, not stunt it!

Have fun!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Mary H. Weir Library Performance of SJS Choir

This is one of those events that I have forgotten to  post sooner.  These photos and videos were taken/recorded on May 5th when the choir from Saint Joseph was invited to sing at the   public library in Weirton.  It was very nice to see them having fun while performing.  They were on their element as they sung different songs.
 I applaud Mrs. Bernardi, the music teacher in school, because if her patience and dedication in  training and practicing the kids.  She really does a good job in not only honing the kids talents but  making them get used to performing in front of a big crowd.  
 After their performances, they let loose by  goofing around the camera.  Even Dr. Mascio joined the fun lol.
My little man is very shy  and just explore the library.  He isn't part of the choir yet  but he plans to when he  is in third grade.  Below is some of the videos I managed tio record during the event.