Monday, July 28, 2014

Tea Party at Johnston House with the Howells

Hello  lovely friends, I am posting this  exciting event that I had last weekend.  My sisters in the neighborhood, Ate Lizzy and Ate Sarah and their  beloved Mommy, Tita Angie, treated me for a tea party for my birthday, yay!!!!!  The place is called Johnston House Salon and Spa and it is located somewhere in Pennsylvania.

I have never  been to a tea party before so this was  such an exciting  event for me.  I brought my iPod with me so I can take lots of pictures since my Mom wasn't with me.  
I like the place, it looks real fancy, like the places that you see in old movies.  I am not really good in taking  photos though.  
Here are more pictures from my iPod.  I actually took like a hundred of photos.  I am sure that my Mom would post some in her blog too.  Of all the sweet treats that we have had, I love the blueberry cake the most.  It was super moist that it tasted so good!
Below are  photos that Ate Lizzy and Ate Sarah took from their camera-phone.
Aside from the  fun boding that we have during  the tea party, I also love it when one of  the  server their told me that whoever taught me to act like a little lady did a pretty good job.  Thanks to my Mom's constant reminders about  my manners, I finally showcased what I learned from my Mom.  I would love to  do it again, it was fun!  Thank you once again to the Howells family for  making  me feel like a princess that day!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

My Awesome Birthday Celebration at the Beach in Ocean City

Hello again everybody. It's time to sneaked in at Mom's computer while she is doing the laundry.  I haven't had the chance to blog lately because  Mommy said, she is cleaning one of her blogs.  I am not sure what she meant by cleaning but I guess it is something important.  She told me before that this blog of mine lost the page rank (I don't even know what that is....wink and giggles) but she cleaned it and now the page rank is back.  So I try not to interrupt my Mom when she is  working because I know it is something important. 
By the way, I have an awesome  time celebrating my 9th birthday in Ocean City.  Me and my brother, EJ, had a blast swimming in the pool and in the ocean.  It was exciting to be  caught by the waves.  My Mom keep  saying "Be careful" but we truly had a fun time out there.  Below are some photos that my Mom took while we   enjoy the  ocean water with out Dad.

 I love being in the ocean, I wish we live near Maryland.  I would probably bug my parents to take us everyday on the shore ha ha ha.
Making sand castle and burying our bodies in  the sand was so much fun also.
My brother is fearless.  He does not mind the waves hitting his face.  I am more cautious because I don't like the water in my face.    
I would like to thank everybody who left comments on my Mom's post on Facebook during my birthday.  I had fun reading  all your greetings.  I feel loved!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Little Donkey's Easter Journey

I know, I know, the Easter have passed long time ago but I did not have time to post this till now hehehe.  These photos were taken in April 14 when the  first grade and  kindergartners have their  Spring Play at school.  
The play is entitled "The Little Donkey's Easter Journey" and  it is  in musical form which was  so much fun to watch!  
The play was held at the school's big gymnasium adjacent to the classrooms.
The third graders were also involve as they sang some songs during the play.
It's a joy to watch these kids enjoy what they do!
I am so proud of our son for being so natural  in performing in front of a big audience.
I think that it is very important for us parents to show our support during our children's formative years.  It plays a major role in boosting up their confidence.
I always ask my husband to take a day off from work to witness  this kind of event with me.  It makes me very emotional when I set alone  watching  our kids perform.  Please enjoy the  sort videos I have recorded with my camera.

I'd like to thank Mrs. Bernardi, the music teacher and the teachers Mrs. Gain and Mrs. Runkel for their patience  and dedication in having this play possible for us to watch.  These kids gave up  some of their recess time in order to  practice and learn the songs.