Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Catholic School Week 2016

Once a year, Catholic schools celebrate the Catholic school week.  This year's  theme is "Communities of Faith, Knowledge, and Service."  They have activities  from Monday to  Friday last week.  Monday was Student Day.  The students have  free dress (no uniform-day) which  kids love because they always wear uniform everyday so they enjoy  free dress day.  Aside from that, they also had  free HOT lunch, which I totally forgot so I packed my kids their own lunches lol.  They also have Ice cream sundaes so it's a total treat for the students.  
 Tuesday  was the Open House day.  Friends and family can come to school and sit in the classroom  and  see how teachers and  kids interact.
 This year, I love that all the teachers include the parents in their  classroom activities.  We were part of the discussion, games, and lecture.  You know how that goes when you get ambushed with  questions that you haven't heard for a long time lol.  
 We enjoyed hearing the  kids sing as well.  We attended their music class and the kids were really into it.
 My son was  so stuffy that day but he chose to go because he did not want to miss the fun in school.
 After attending our daughter science class, we went to the computer where they  each students did a presentation of what they think about the school, the teachers, and all other things.  Most of them  have a great sense of humor in the presentation they did.  I wish we had computer class back when I was a kid, it would  have been nice.
 Next was the Math class.  The teacher  encourage the  parents to team up with their child to do a problem on the board, I thought that was nice too.
 So glad to see our children enjoying their elements in school.
 The one thing I love about the school is the camaraderie between the parents, the school employees and teachers, and the students.  That's one big advantage when  the school is a small community, everybody knows everybody.
 On Wednesday, there was a mass attended by all including parents , friends and family.  Thursday was  Teacher's day, children got the chance to bring a little something for their teachers.
 The most fun part for the kids is the last day.  They get to dress up  in 50's style.  My daughter wore the poodle  skirt and shirt that  she had  a couple of years ago and our son  mimic the outfit in the movie Grease.
 We bought him a pleather (plastic leather) jacket at Sears.  To complete the look, he wore a pair of sunglasses.
It was a fun day to wrapped the whole week of celebration.  

Friday, January 29, 2016

Board Game NIght at Home

Of all the board games, my favorite is scrabble.  I used to play this when I was still in college together with my co-student assistants assigned at the Father's Quarter of the school.  Even the priests played with us sometimes.  
 My son designated Saturday as our game night.  He said that it would be fun to watch a movie while we are playing  a board game.  We ended up  just  playing a board game and not turning on the  TV  because it  would just be a distraction.
 I love scrabble because it makes you think and strategize.  Both of my kids are very competitive so  it makes them think and improved their vocabulary.  This is the first time, my husband joined us playing scrabble so he couldn't quite get the rules yet.
 When we got done, the dogs are seeking attention too so they were excited to play along.
 Having a game night is such a great idea so kudos to  EJ for thinking it.
 This is one of those things that we added in our routine this year.  Aside from that, we also read the Bible every night before we go to bed.  We are trying to strengthen our faith by understanding what is written in the Bible.
 Hubby and I  realized how time flies by so fast so we  would love to spend time with the kids as much as we can.  Soon they will have to start  branching out and  finding their own path but for now, we want to enjoy their company.
I helped my son play but my daughter  is so independent that she refused to help.  At the end though, I  helped her strategize in placing some of her tiles which ended up  her winning.  I love the fact that not only they are learning the game but they are also learning things like accepting help from someone from time to time.  

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Three Ways Glee Changed the World

Ryan Murphy already had a handful of hit television shows under his belt when he pitched the idea of Glee to FOX. The show featured a number of unknown actors who became overnight sensations. Glee followed a group of teenagers as they joined the high school glee club and became friends while dealing with issues that many teens deal with every day. Though it is no longer on the air, you can still watch your favorite episodes on DVD or on streaming sites like Netflix. You might find yourself surprised at how much the show touched the lives of fans and changed the world.

Bringing Attention to Issues

Glee did an amazing job of bringing attention to issues that teens deal with in the real world, including bullying, sexuality and even illness. It was one of the first shows that had a teen gay character who was open about his sexuality. Fans saw the struggles that Kurt had in school and the way others acted towards him. Glee even dealt with the ramifications of suicide attempts and showed that kids with medical conditions could still be popular.

Awareness of the Arts

The show premiered at a time when many schools found themselves shutting down music, theater and other arts programs due to a lack of funding. It got kids interested in signing, acting and dancing, which led to more funding and helped schools get the money they needed for those programs. The show also did a great of getting other people interested in playing music and signing too. You will now find street pianos in New York and in other parts of the country. These pianos encourage those walking by to sit down, play a tune or sing a song any hour of the day.
Photo isn't mine
Downloading Music

Websites that let you download music existed long before Glee, but some credit the popularity of the show with the sudden increase in those sites. While the show released a number of albums that included top songs from various episodes, downloading was the only way fans could listen to the songs not featured on those albums. Songs like Umbrella remixed with Singing in the Rain became chart topping songs, even though those tunes weren't available on standard albums. The next time you find yourself binge watching a season or two of Glee, take time to think about how the show changed the world for the better.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

EJ's BIrthday Gifts #iseemebooks

On the morning of EJ's 9th birthday, he woke up and looked around and was bummed out that he did not see any gifts.  I did not want him to see what he got until he comes home from school so I did not wrap them yet.  When  they left to school, that's when I wrapped  all of them up.
He was pretty pleased when he arrived from school and saw the stack of gifts  waiting for him in the living room.  
 I made him an organizer for his hot wheels car  from  upcycled empty boxes.  I am glad he liked it.
 His sister, Ate Rylie got him a nautica shirt and a star war shirt which he liked.
 I stopped having birthday parties for my kids when they started  going to school.  It's just something that hubby and I agreed upon, to just take them somewhere for their birthday every year.  We went to Kalahari for his 9th birthday.
 We also got him this Avengers pillow which he  love.
 And the bean bag that he wanted.
 I mistakenly ordered the small bean bag online so his is not as big as his sister's but he was okay with it.
 A big thank you to the Dias family for always remembering  our special occasion.  They never failed to  send us  presents no matter what occasion it is.  Thank you!
Thanks also to Tita Chris and Tita Gail for the cash gift which he  put in his savings.  He has been saving all his money to buy his first car lol.  I love that he is starting to have a vision about saving and not spending his money  for  things that doesn't really matter.   For the best part, I also got him a personalized book from iSeeMe.
 I gave this to him a little late but it was a perfect timing when it arrived.  He was upset when he came home from school because he thought he messed up the test that he took that day.  He wasn't able to bring  his notes before the snow day so we didn't get to study for his test.  This book made him feel better after I calmed him down and told him that he can still  make it up to his grade by  getting a high score next time.
If you are looking for something special to give to your child  this Valentine's day or for any special occasion, iSeeMe has a lot of selection of  personalized books.  Who Loves Me? book would be perfect for the  love month.  I am sure that you and your little  cutie will have fun reading this sweet book.  
You can order this book with  a lovie blanket set with your child's name on it.  Other personalized products that iSeeMe offers includes Lunchboxes,  Puzzles, Coloring Books/, Placemats, Stickers and Growth Charts!   If you want to be updated of the newand exciting products at iSeeMe, you can fillow them to  their  social media  below.  
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 I can't believe that my little man is getting bigger and older, where did the time go?  It's funny that he said he feels like he is sixteen when he turned nine years old lol.

Disclosure: The owner of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review.  I was provided with the product/s mentioned  to help me  facilitate this review but  opinions are my own.