Sunday, November 23, 2014

Minion Party Kit for my Son's Birthday

My son's birthday falls on  school days so ever since he started going to school, we always  celebrate it in school with his classmates.  He asked us  if he could have a party for his 8th birthday and  hubby is considering it. I am excited that I got this Minion party kit because  this is a good  birthday theme for him as both of my kids love the movie,  Despicable Me .  The Minion Kit party  include streamers, candles, cutlery sets, plates, beverage and napkins, cups, straws, decorating kit, table cover, balloon, ribbon, banner, and hats.

These straws are super cute.  It has 24 straws in a pack which is perfect for the number of my son's classmates and friends.
I would have to buy  additional cups because one pack only has 8 cups in it.
An additional pack of hats  is also needed because there is only 8 of them in a pack and it is not enough for the number of his classmates and friends.  Luckily, I have a code to use  to enjoy a 10% discount.
There's two of this minion foil balloon.  A birthday is not complete without balloons, right?
I love this turquoise and orange crepe streamers.  You can definitely decorate a whole room with these.
There  are two set of napkins in a kit, you get the beverage napkin and the lunch napkins.  When you are serving  food for  kids, napkins  is a must have.
There are two set of plates as well, one is 7' and another is 9".  Each set has 8 plates.
The bright yellow cutlery set includes 8 forks, 8 spoons, and 8 knives.
I love that the kit includes a whole set of decorations which  would really accentuate the whole minion theme.
My son wanted to blow up this  18' foil balloon already but I told him to wait till the party lol.
The table cover  is great to have especially if we are going to serve the snack in school.  It would keep the mess off the table.  
The Mini-on kit also include a roll of orange  solid curling ribbon.
The Despicable Me jointed banner would be so cool to use to  complete the  Despicable Me Decorations.  All I have to do is to order the cake and I can  stick  the candles in it and we are good to go.  

I can't believe how time flies.  My son is turning 8 yeas old already in a couple of months. I am just glad that I have the opportunity to spend my time with them.  I am grateful to my husband that he supports me being a stay at home mom and he doesn't  mind that  I am stay at home mom.  Soon, my kids will be grown up and that's when the time that I will branch out.  For now, I want to focus my time  for them and my husband.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

EJ's Class Saint Day

Hubby and I went to church today to attend the mass for the second grader's Saint Day mass.  Saint Elizabeth is their class saint.   She was known for helping poor people which is a very valuable  lesson that  kids need to learn.  Each second graders brought some  canned goods  to give to their chosen  charity.  They put it at the wagon and  presented in front of the altar during the presentation of the gifts.
Glad that both of my kids doesn't have  stage fright.
I recorded part of the readings.

They sung a song  after the mass (video below).
The mass was attended by classes from Kindergarten to 4th grade.
Next year, my kids will be separated because  our daughter will be in  the 5th grade.  They will no longer have the same schedule for lunch and for the masses.  I am  happy to see them  grow but at the same time, I am sad that they are growing up so fast.

Wedding Dance

One thing that  hubby and I did not do during our wedding day  was to dance.  He was  living  in Guam back then so there was no time for us to take any dance lesson.  Looking at one of the santa monica dance studios makes me wish that  we could have  a chance to have our first dance if given the opportunity.  I always feel so happy when I see a newly wed  do their first dance as a couple.  That is something that  we  didn't do.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


My daughter has always been showing her creative side  even when she was  a toddler.  She would always create  stuff and would not  just sit without doing anything.  She wants to use her time and  make her brain working all the time.  
 This is one reason why, I can't really  maintain  organization all the time at home. Sometimes I would tell her to clean her mess up but most of the times, I just clean it as  my way is faster.
 I do however love that she uses her imagination and exercising her creativity.
 She made those pizza and bundt cakes  with  real flour, baked, and paint them.
 She even packed this "chopped nuts" that she made and colored out of  foam.
We have so many things here that she made .  I put them in a big box so she would be able to see them when she's all grown up.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Youth and Innovation

One of the many things that my kids enjoyed during the summer time was riding their scooters.
 When I look at them do things like this, it makes me ask  myself "Where did the time go?"
 I feel like they are growing up so fast and  I miss  the stage when they were  babies lol.
I find the infographic below very interesting. It is about inventing the modern micro scooter.  Please read a very good representation of this youth and innovation and tell us what you think.The History of The Kick Scooter

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Honoring Heroes on Veteran's Day 2014

The kids are off  from school today for Veteran's Day.  The kids wishes that  they could spend their day off with the Veteran himself but Daddy has to go to work.  The company doesn't give the Veterans a day off during Veteran's day.   It's sad to think that not many gives a special recognition to Veterans who  have spent  their lives working away from their families just to protect the country and  give us our freedom.
Anyway, the kids made some special things for their Dad and Pap.  I will let the photos  talk.
Rye Bread's short article
EJ's article 
Cards they made.
Happy Veteran's Day to all those who served and protected us including  the heroes in our family, late Uncle Paul (Dad's brother who fought, died, and was buried in Normandy France).  Him and Dad both served in WW2 and another brother, late Uncle Blair (was sent home after  Paul died).  Dad  spent most of his  Army days in Asian countries just like  what  my husband  did for 20 years in the Navy.
To all the Veterans, thank you so much for your services!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween 2014

This year's Halloween once again was rainy, just like last year.  I wish that the City of Weirton would look at the weather situation and somehow schedule trick or treating  on the day where there's no rain.  I mean, some places have done and I think that it  is excellent that they think that way.  Trick or Treating without rain would be so much enjoyable for kids and for sure, they won't get sick.  Anyhow, rain or shine, our Burritos are ready to do it.  
 Ms. Burrito was wearing  Toy Story's Jessie costume  and the little Mister was wearing George Washington costume.  I wasn't able to   buy the  wig for  GW costume so we had to improvise.  I used  the wig for his MJ costume from last year and put some  powder on it to make it white.
 We only went  a few houses because the candies are not really worth it of them getting sick  due to the rain.  We went to our neighbor's houses first.  Below is a photo of them with Lolo and Lola Fancher's.
 At Bob and Alicia's house.
 With Tita Angie.
 With Tita Anita.
 We went to  Marland Heights in the hope of finding their  classmate but unfortunately we didn't see them.  They went trick or treating  to some houses and then we went home.
 It's funny that my daughter is not even into sweets but she was very eager to  get some candies.  She gave it all to her brother which I think is very sweet.
I hope that next year, Halloween wouldn't be raining. It would be much enjoyable.