Monday, May 18, 2015

Motivate Your Child Action Plan

My husband attended a leadership training  dubbed as Center for Serving Leadership.  He was skeptical in attending the  training but he ended up loving it as he did not only learn about leadership at work but he also learned stuff about parenting.  He said that the  guest speaker is a God-fearing family man who uses   examples about what he have experienced personally and thru working with other people.  I was smiling when he was telling me the story because  I was reading this book called "Motivate Your Child Action Plan"  by Dr. ScottTurnasky and Joanne Miller.  
 Being a parent is not an easy task.  Our children are different and that they have their own individual personalities.  Having said that, sometimes, we are put in the situation where we don't know what to do  and don't know how to address the issue we are facing with our children.  There are even instances where I  question my ability as a Mom, sometimes I asked myself if I am doing the right thing.  I don't think there is one parent who have never encounter a problem with their child.
 I am so blessed to receive a copy of this book because it  gives me  new tools and different ideas on how to effectively handle things about my kids.  I love that  it serve as an outline  where we can use it  in our daily parenting style.  As my kids grow up, I notice so many different things changing in their character thus  gives me different challenges as well as a parent.  
 I love that you can write in it but I decided to  use post it notes on the succeeding pages.  This book sheds light in what I am doing  certain things the wrong way which I  completely agree.  This  is a great guide especially if you have  children that are totally different from each other.  Everyday is a  learning process with parenting so I am so glad I have something to reference to when I am having a hard time.  
This book not only give parents the tools but it also give  you that time to reflect and reconnect with your children.  Having this book gives me  effective tools  to  address the issue  that I have with my kids.  I admit that they are not  major issues but  knowing that we can correct  whatever we are doing wrong in certain ways makes me feel good.  There are times when I want to talk to my Mom about something but I can't since she is so far away so having this book somehow gives me that tool to  handle the issue.
You can buy this book on sale for $29.95 with an online savings of $10. This book is  geared towards crafting a unique strategy to propel your child forward.    You can also use the code below  to have an additional $5 off to an already discounted price.  

Royal Blue Kids Locker

One of my pet peeve is disorganization but when you have kids, it is hard to stay organized.  That's my main  issue especially with my  daughter because she love to do  so many things at a time  which creates chaos in her bedroom.  I am working with her in addressing the issue though and she is getting better at it.  I have designated a hook to put their school bags inside their  closet but it always ended up in the couch or in the floor which frustrates me at times.  I am so glad to have one of these school lockers  from, a division of the Jorgenson Industrial companies.  I chose this royal blue kids locker because both of my kids love the color blue and they can share with this  one for a while.  I am planning to buy another one in the future as I have seen how high the wuality of their lockers are.  
Few dents but we straightened it out
Whenever I ask my husband to assemble something, the first thing he looks foris the manual so if the package does not come with one, he  freaks out lol.  I on the other hand is  different, I don't like  reading manuals when assembling something.  I like to look at the product and figure out how it goes.  Sometimes it's easy and sometimes, I have to take it apart or redo it again wich the hubby doesn't want to do.  He wants to do it according to the direction so he doesn't hav to redo it again.  
Since this locker did not come with the direction, we have to look at the picture at their website.  We played a guessing game in assembling this locker as there are two  kinds of screws.  When we started assembling it, we thought, there's oly one size of screws so we started using it.  When we get to the keg opart, we realized there are four longer screws that needs to be used on that part so we have to unscrew them again.
We got it done eventually after an hour lol.  Other than the lack of direction, I am very satisfied with this locker as they are heavy duty.    We only found  two dents  but we straighted it out  by tapping it gently with the hammer.
My son love this locker, he said that he is ready to play footnball lol.  He said he would love to have this for himself so he could  put all his  stuff in there.  I told him that I would save some to buy another one for her sister so they don't have to share.
I love that the materials are not flimsy,  they really make this locker a heavy duty one.  Another thing I have to point out is the number of screws, we need three more screws for the hooks.  We only use one screw for the three side hooks because we did not have enough.
Daughter immediately claimed the top part for her memory box.
She also put her shoes at the bottom  so I have to hear my son say "How about my shoes?" Oh boy, I could never win with these two Buritos, they are always competing with each other for everything.
You can get any  color of this Kids Locker for $104.95.  I guarantee, you will love this as it is super heavy dury.  This tier kids locker  is 15" x 15" x 48".  If you buy one of these, you can  view the video  below  to see the step by step process in assembling  it.  It's late when I found this but for those of you who are planning to get your children one, here is the video.

I told my kids that if I have to see their bags anywhere in the house, I will  give this locker away lol.  Of course, I won't do that but the kids promise to store their bags inside the locker everytime they arrive from school.  Thank you very much!

Disclosure: The author of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review.  I was provided with the products mentioned  in exchange of my honest  opinion which may differ from yours.  

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Busy Beavers

On weekeneds, my children gets to play with their  iPods a lot but I make sure that they are also involve of what we do inside and out of the house.  So if I am cleaning, they are helping me clean as wel.  Those old socks comes in handy in polishing our furniture.  They  polish all of our furitre while I clean the floor or doing laundry.  
 These photos were taken  last month when our  garden are still bare and nothing hasn't grown back yet.  I was doing some  tilling on our graden so they  decided to do a sack race.
Our rabbit was still alive when these were taken so his house was still  standing in our backyard.
 It is no longer there as I asked my husband to tear it down.  He didn't want to remove it becausehe was thinking of replacing Wubzy but I said I am done, it is hard to see pets die.
 I always thank God that He gave us two children.  When hubby and I got married, we said that we would only try to have  one child  so we can focus all our attention to her or him but God gave us another one and we are so blessed.
I told my daughter, imagine how boring her life  could have been if she  doesn't a have a  sibling to  play  with or  give a hard time to once in a while lol.  Life is great with these busy Beavers, they make our married  wonderful!

My First Thought of this Trombone Cup.

I was looking at this trombone cup mute on the screen of my computer and thought what is that thing?  Funny because I thought It is some kind of kitchen device but upon reading the   details, I found out that it is an adjustable tenor trombone that creates  an exciting  tonal  quality to achieve a near perfect intonation of the sound that trombone creates.  

Thursday, May 14, 2015

I'm a King's Kid

I attended the special  mass  held at St. Joseph the Worker church yesterday intended for the  second graders who just had their first communion on the first Sunday of the month. My daughter was part of the  choir who sung songs  during the mass.
I love it that the kids are being trained  at a very early age.  This really helps build up their confidence and also shake off that stage fright that  a lot of people has.  

 The little Mister was one of the  readers during the mass.  It makes me really happy that both of our children are very active in participating in school activities.  That's one of the many perks that I get  to enjoy being a stay at home mom, I get to witness every event that my kids has in school.  
 They sung a song in front of us.  You can watch the video below.
 There was no  fender g dec 30 or especial instrument used in their singing but it is always nice to listen to kids singing especially at church.
The students have donated some loaves of bread and some grape juice for the bread basket which will be given to  charity in town.  I love this kind of  acts, it teaches kids to give to other people and share what they have.
The parish priest  in our church is a  Filipino, he's very nice.  He  mentioned before that his  parish  in the Philippines is also a St. Joseph which I find amazing because  the parish in my home town is also St. Joseph.  Anyway, it was a a nice celebration for the kids.  

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Race for Education: A Fund Raising Success

On April 24, my children's school had their first  Race for Education.  The weather here in West Virginia is so unpredicatable, one day it is hot and the next   days are cold.  Having said that, they could not do the race outside so they did it at the gymnasium.  The Race for Education  is a fund raising event participated by  the family and friends of the school.  Each students were given a form where they can write names of people who can sponsor them.  This was a bit of a challenge for us because  the people  that we know are mostly from school so it was hard for us to come up with names.  Nevertheless, we participated as we want to help the school and also it is a great healthy awareness for the kids.
The  race was  divided into two groups, Kindergarten to  4th grade went first  then the higher grades later.  While waiting for the race to startm I went around and took some photos of the fourth graders.
 I love when they goof around and show their silly faces.  Soon, they won't be doing this anymore so I am taking the opportunity while I still have a chance lol.
 I wish I have their  level of energy, it would be nice.
  The proud second graders.  My son is always sorrounded by girls because there's onky four of them in the class, most are girls.
It was more of a warm up than a race since  they all just walk.  Well, they ran for a little bit and  kids are starting to fall so  they were instructed to just walk.
 One of my son's closest friends.  These two are like peanut butter and jelly most of the times lol.
 Strategizing.. Wait, there's no need for strategy, is there?
 Okay, they got it figured out.  Just walk  slow and easy byut steady.
At one point,  my son stopped walking and sat beside the stage so the girls stopped abd sat bbeside him.  Perfrect opportunity for me to take some more photos.
 I thought that second graders have so much energy but the fourt graders  has a lot more lol.
 They were given some ice posicles  after the race to cool down.
 Prizes were also given to those who  brought in a certain amount of sponsors and the amount the sponsors have  donated.
 We did not think that  any of our kids would get any prize because we only brought in 12 sponsors for both of them.  We were surprised that our daughter received am SJS shirt that fits me so, yay!
There was a mascost also from Wildthing.  The school is participating to the Washington Wildthings Reading Program.  
 The kids were all over him because he was dancing and  giving all of them high fives.
 A representative from Wildthing explained how to program works and what benefits  the kids get from participating.
Glad that they held it on the day that my husband was off because he gt to see it.  He misses a lot of  school activities because of work so he was very happy to have attended this one.  
The event was a huge success.  The school's goal is to raise $15,000  but  the Principal  said that after all the expenses, the school  has managed to accumulate $21,000 which is  a huge help to carry on the projects at school.  Catholic schools doesn't get full funding fom the government so the school relies on the  tuition that students pay and  fund raising.  We do a lot of volunteering so the school won't have to hire extra manpower.  It was nice of the school's principal to acknowledge the help that  families and friends does for the school.