Sunday, May 15, 2016

Race for Education 2016

Last year was the very first Race for Education fund raising  by the St. Joseph, the school where my kids goes.  It's a great effort and collaboration of the school and parents especially the one who  were in the committee.  They held the second Race for education this year on April 22nd.
I want to thank all of friends and family who sponsored our kids to participate in the event.  You guys helped greatly in achieving  the success of this fund raising.

Last year's mascot is from Wildthing but this year, it was from Mr. Rooter , the company is is also made a huge contribution/donation to the  event.
Our neighbor Don came and participated as well.  HIm and his wife were   some of the people who sposored our kids.
I hope that the next time they do this kind of event that it would be outdoors.  I think it would be more fun  than just walking/running inside the gymnassium.
The Race for Education was a wonderful event, it raises awareness  for a healthy  lifestyle and it helps the school  to get  extra funds.    This showcased the camaraderie between the school and the  parents/family of every students.  The students  learned  the value of supporting this kind of event to help the school.
This activity prved to be a great  way for health and wellness not only for the students and the faculty but also to the family.  What a way to burn calories with your friends. 
The total contribution from  donors this year is $28,799.80.  IT exceeded the amount collected last year.  So after  deducting all the expenses, the school had a total net  of $25,114.70.  This would help to maintain  the low tuition of the school and to carry out some of the projects that the school is planning to do for the benefit of the students.  As  private school doesn't get full funding from the governement, we have to be creative on how to  support  our school so they would continue to  provide quality education without charging too much for tuition fees.  This was a great collaboration  between the school and the  family  of students.  Again, a huge thank you for all the donors for your continued support to the school. Without you, this would not be possible.  

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