Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fun Day at the Lake

This was the first time that we went to Tomlinson Run for this year. We've been there three times already and we plan to go back before the warm weather slips away.
There is something in nature that just  entertain all of us.  As much as possible, we want to  let the kids  explore the nature even if  it means for us to drive far.
We plan to rent one of those boat next time so we can explore the lake.
The geese are messy but they brings entertainment for the children. This would be my watery wednesday entry.

Campground Exploration

We decided to  explore the campground at Tomlinson Run  the last time we went there. It was our first time to drive around and we were surprised how many many people were  camping that day.  Almost all of the yurts are occupied and there are pop-up campers  in most of the camping sites we went to.  The campground offers camping equipment for rent.  You can also call in advance to reserve some of  the yurts that are avaialble.
Driving around the camp site reminds me of the show that my husband and I watches on TV.  It's a show where this  guy show you how to survive in the wild even in a very harsh  weather condition.  All this guy has is some camping tools and some basic things  he needs.  It's  amazing how he could survive  it, I feel bad when he got caught with a very bad weather because there is nothing he can do to  call for help.

We have never experienced to go for a camping as family yet but  we are hoping that we  could do it when the kids are old enough.  Camping is a great activity especially if you have teens.  It gives them the opportunity to  explore the nature and forget about the busy life that they have in school and other stuff.  

We are buying some camping gears little by little so that when time comes and we are ready to go,  we  have the things we need.  We bought a sleeping bag when we were still in Korea but we still need  additional sleeping bags for the four of us.  I found a website that sells rucksacks and other camping gears and  tools.  If you are into nature, you might have seen  the owner of this website, Ray Mears.  He is a star to  one of the  popular outdoor survival in extreme weather condition show.  I am not sure if he was the celebrity of the show we were watching on TV.    

Thomas and US

My Dad set up the train set that our neighbor gave to my brother at our basement. The photos below were taken before my Mom cleaned and rearranged our toys and other stuff at our basement.
Sometimes our Mom and Dad gets disappointed when my brother and I don't get along. Mom and Dad always say that yelling is not appropriate but sometimes when I get frustrated with my brother I raised my voice on him and Mommy would go "psssst".

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