Friday, October 26, 2018

West Virginia Warriors Team - Summer Volleyball Elite

During the summer, the volleyball coach from my daughter's school formed a  team to participate in the Pittsburgh Volleyball Elite teams.  This is the first time that the  school have done it so the girls were a bit nervous but it was a great opportunity for them to experience and participate to.  They actually did  really well, they lost some games but it was to be expected since those teams have been playing there every summer.  
They called their team West Virginia Warriors.  They were a bit intimidated going into the first game since they did not  know what to expect but after  they broke through their  nervousness, they were fine.  They were the only team from West Virginia.  I guess the coach knew someone from the Pittsburgh Volleyball Elite  so he asked if we could participate. 
It was a great summer practice for them, it became the continuation of their  season from the 7th grade.  It was also a great transition for their team to their 8th grade's volleyball season which just ended this month.
On their last game, an alumnus from Madonna High School who knows one of our coaches sponsored the team for an after-the-game picnic at Edgeworth Club in Sewickley, PA.  It was a beautiful country club with  great amenities such as tennis court and swimming pool.  
These photos were taken after they swam and had dinner.
It was nice of the  doctor who sponsored this event.  Everyone had fun  including us, parents who attended it.

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This year's volleyball season has just ended. They had lost games and also won some but hopefully they all learned skills so they would be able top play in High School. My daughter plan to continue playing if she meets the requirement. She love this sport, it's the only one that she plays.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

How to Really be There for Your Children

Nothing will be more important to you than your children. Unfortunately, a poor state of mind can impact your ability to care for your son or daughter and provide him or her with a happy, healthy childhood. It is your job as a parent to become a role model for your child because they will look to you when making decisions and learning right from wrong. To ensure you give your son or daughter the best start in life, read the below advice on how to truly be there for your children.

Nurture Every Part of Yourself
Every parent has a responsibility to nurture every part of themselves, such as their mental, physical and emotional health. If you fail to care for your body or take action to stop a problem in its tracks, your choices will impact your child. For instance, it is common for some people to turn to drugs to deal with crippling emotions, but you can turn your life around for the sake of your child by embarking on a Suboxone treatment program or similar.

Busy parents tend to push themselves harder when running a hectic home while juggling a demanding career and caring for their family. Unfortunately, too many tasks in your schedule can cause a parent to feel burnt out both physically and mentally. If you want to be filled with passion and energy when caring for your children, you must care for your body by enjoying some much-needed rest. It’s time to grab an early night, enjoy a nap while the children are at school, or find a babysitter to take a break from your hectic household.

Talk to a Doctor and Your Partner if You’re Struggling
Children notice a lot more than you think. If you are unhappy, you can trust they will be unhappy too. For that reason alone, you must talk to someone if you are struggling with stress, anxiety, or depression. The act of talking alone can often be therapeutic, and you will be able to discuss your feelings in a non-judgmental, supportive environment when you can confide in a doctor. As a result, a doctor could direct you to a therapist or could prescribe anti-depressants, which can help you to feel healthier and happier, so you’ll be 100% present in your child’s life.

Additionally, no child will be happy to live in a divided household. If you are constantly arguing with your partner, you can trust it will impact your kids’ happiness. The tension and frustration in your relationship could stem from a lack of intimacy. Therefore, it might be helpful to attempt to reconnect with your partner by enjoying a date night every once in a while. Book a babysitter and do something fun together, such as enjoying dinner and a movie, drinks at a sleek bar, or an exciting day at a theme park. Regular dates could add a spark back into your relationship so that you can provide your children with a loving, secure home.

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