Friday, January 27, 2012

Trampoline Fun

We had a good bit of snow fall last weekend and the Burritos took  the opportunity to go out and play. They chased each other at the backyard first and then they decided to  jump in the trampoline with snow in it of course.
I was freezing  but I went out with them for a while until I couldn't take it anymore.  Even if I am bundled up, I still get so cold easy.  Champ stayed with the kids the whole time they were there.
When they came in, we prepared some grilled cheese and hot coco for them.  They had a blast with their outdoor  activity that day!  Warm or cold, that's the  image of happiness  at our  home.

Best Day Ever

It's weekend yay! I like weekends because I get to write one article in my blog, thanks Mommy!  

During the Martin Luther King's day, we did not have classes which gave  me and my best friend Amber some time to bond for the last time before they move .  We met at the mall, there is this place called Giggles and Smiles and that was me and my brother's first time there.
My Mom is very strict when it comes to video arcade, she doesn't let us play there but on this particular day, she let us  enjoy some of it.  I think she wanted us to have fun, love you Mom!
We ate at Eat'n Park afterwards.  When we came home, we played with our dog Champ.
We had a blast and that was the best day ever with my best friend and brother.  Thanks to my Mom and Dad for making our day so special.  I miss my friend terribly.  Good thing I ca call her on the phone.

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