Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Minion Theme on EJ's 8th Birthday

 My baby turned 8 years old on the 15th of this month.  We had a small get together with close friends and family.  When my kids started going to school, I stopped  doing birthday parties. We usually go somewhere to celebrate their birthdays rather than having a party.  This year however,  Mr. Burrito wanted to have  party at home,  That's what  kept me busy last week, cleaning, organizing and cooking.
We only invited our  closest friends in the neighborhood and the Burritos  Aunt.
 Up and below photos with Lolo Don and LOla Ruth Fancher.
 With Ate Sarah, one of the Howells' ladies.
 We played   scrabble and  monopoly and we all had so much fun!
 We had an ice cream cake  that we bought at Dairy Queen.
 Here's the birthday boy enjoying his  presents.
 Daddy to the rescue with the not so kid-friendly packages hehehe.
 We all agreed to idea of doing this kind of gathering more often because it's fun and brings us all closer.
 The Howells, having a serious time  doing monopoly with the Burritos.
 It's fun watching them.  I played scrabble with Lizzy and Nanay Ruth, we had a blast!
I decorated  the house   on Wednesday after I cleaned then I  prepared the food early as well.  Yesterday, I only have to do three things  rather than doing it all together, it was  stress free.
  Great to have neighbors that really cares.   Hope we could  do this again soon.  Hopefully!

Special thanks to Wholesale Party Supplies for the birthday in a box sent to me for review.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


I have never tried deodorant - petal pushers but got curious upon stumbling it online.  I mean having a reliable kind of deodorant  is important especially if you   are attending  important functions or gatherings.  Let alone if you are going on a date, you don't want be sweating out  right?  If you are one of those people who doesn't want  parabens, propylene glycol, aluminum,alcohol or triclosan,  Petal Pusher's creations might be the one for you.  Being confident    is important  when you want to  have a lasting first impression.  

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Christmas Presents for the Kiddos

After attending the  mass last on Christmas Eve, we went straight to   Dad's house.  Everyone was  gone except my sister-in-law.  Dad was sleeping when we  arrived.   Chris told us that  EMTs came to the house and checked on Dad because he wasn't feeling well,  The kids  received some beautiful gifts from  Titaa Chris and Gail and Jen's family.  Thanks guys.
 The little Miss was  pretty excited of her new art supplies.
 The little man loves his presents as well.
 The Burritos woke up  before six on Christmas day so we ggot up  early as well.
 Wishes came true, thanks "Santa".  I feel bad for Santa, he is now broke lol.
 She loves this notebook that her cousin Jen gave her.  It lights up!
 Titas Chris and Gail spoiled her with new art supplies!
 Ms. Burrito made this in her Art class and gave it to us for Christmas!
 Here she is trying her new  toy.  She got what she wished for, a keyboard.
 The little man  got his wish as well, an iPod.  Thanks a lot Santa!
Here is a video I recorded of her.

Missing my Mom on her BIrthday

My Mom's birthday  is coming up in  two weeks.  Oh gosh, thinking about it makes me miss her so much.   It has been  5 years since we last  went to visit and  that is a very log time.  I was looking at for mothers rings and they have tons of selection.  I know that my Mom would say that she's rather see us  rather than  material things but  we can't really afford to  go home because of  financial constrains.  I wish that y Mom just live nearby so we could visit her often.

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