Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Christmas Presents for the Kiddos

After attending the  mass last on Christmas Eve, we went straight to   Dad's house.  Everyone was  gone except my sister-in-law.  Dad was sleeping when we  arrived.   Chris told us that  EMTs came to the house and checked on Dad because he wasn't feeling well,  The kids  received some beautiful gifts from  Titaa Chris and Gail and Jen's family.  Thanks guys.
 The little Miss was  pretty excited of her new art supplies.
 The little man loves his presents as well.
 The Burritos woke up  before six on Christmas day so we ggot up  early as well.
 Wishes came true, thanks "Santa".  I feel bad for Santa, he is now broke lol.
 She loves this notebook that her cousin Jen gave her.  It lights up!
 Titas Chris and Gail spoiled her with new art supplies!
 Ms. Burrito made this in her Art class and gave it to us for Christmas!
 Here she is trying her new  toy.  She got what she wished for, a keyboard.
 The little man  got his wish as well, an iPod.  Thanks a lot Santa!
Here is a video I recorded of her.


  1. I hope your dad is feeling better! It's great that your daughter is into the arts - she plays wonderfully! :)

  2. Looks like your girl is going to be a great artist with all those art supplies!

  3. Poor Santa--he really must be close to broke what with that keyboard and IPod!! What great gifts. I know your daughter loves that keyboard and those are really nice art supplies as well. Your son is very much involved with his new IPod I see!!

  4. Hope your dad is doing better. Looks like the kids did real good for Christmas. I know your daughter must be loving that keyboard.

  5. Happy kiddos they were! Our son had a blast too. He was a nice boy so he got all he wanted for Christmas. (",)


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