Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Party in School 2014

Let me  post this one before the  new year comes so I won't have to forget about it.  December 19th was the last day of school at St. Joseph the Worker.  IT was also the day where classes  had their Christmas parties.  I am so glad that my husband was off that day and he went with me at school.  Thanks to the homeroom Mom for inviting me over to the second grader's party.
 Our son got sick before he went to school so he was afraid to eat in fear of  throwing up again.  We served  pancake  fro,m Eat n' Park.  There were also a bunch of sweat treats from the homeroom Moms and from their teacher.
 My son's class is  very small.  There's only eleven of them  and one  was absent that day due to pneumonia but she later  came to see all of them before the Christmas breal.
 EJ was trying his best to enjoy the moment with his friends although he was feeling a bit under the weather.
 One more  shot with his friends.

One of the Moms from the First Grade share the precious first gifts to Jesus. by the three kings.  I thought that was very nice that she went around the classrooms and  tell a story about the gits.
 Oh my golly, my husband captured all the wrinkles in my face hahaha.  Oh well, part of  gettingolder is int it?
 It is so nice to be able to attend our kids gatherings and activities in school.  It makes them very happy to see their parents  getting involve of what they do.
 My son has beautiful classmates and they are akk pretty good kids.
I decided to crashed into the fourth graders' classroom and took some snaps of them.  Rylie's class  is big.  They are 19 in the class after one of their classmates transferred to other school last month.    

Showing interest  to what children does  gives them that confidence that  you truly care for them,  I am sure that they would remember it for the rest of their lives.  It is also a great example that they can use when they are grown up and have their own kids.  


  1. It's nice to see so many happy faces! I wish I had the chance to attend any of my daughter's Christmas parties back home but she moved here in Dubai when she reached Grade 3 and they didn't have any Christmas parties in the school here. :( I would have been one stage-momma :)

  2. Everyone is having so much fun!!! This is what I truly miss, i thought my son will have a Christmas party in his classroom apparently they don't do it..i guess for some reason way beyond too ridiculous... anyways, it's nice to hear you guys have a blast especially your son.

  3. I can totally relate. My boy's eyes light up when he sees me in his school and he keeps on telling his teachers that's my mommy. Haha!

    Nevermind the wrinkles sis, we all have a fair share of it. LOL. You look great nonetheless.

  4. Always a supportive dad naman ako. From their prep year up to naka-graduate sila. I too attend their parties or even simple occasion lang sa school. Masaya ang feeling talaga when your kids brag about you sa mga classmates nila.

  5. I LOVE that your son's class is small. My son has 20 of them in his class. It is awesome to volunteer. You get the chance to watch your kids as he interacts with his buddies.

  6. What a fun school Christmas party! I'm sure your kids appreciated that both you and your husband were there to celebrate with them.


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