Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Puzzle Time

When it's rainy and gloomy outside, the Burritos gets bored  inside the house and sometimes tempted to do some  mischief.  Times like that is a perfect time to whip out some of their puzzles. They both love puzzles so they work together in building it.
After  doing two boxes/sets of puzzles, Ms. Burrito   volunteered to   wash the dishes.  Thanks Anak!
Mr. Burrito love to  do  dance moves most of the time when he is   getting bored hehehe.
Hope you guys are having a good week.  The weather  here is getting colder each day.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Learning how to Shop on a Budget

Our little first grader student had a straight A grades on the first quarter or first grading on her report card. We are so proud of you Ms. Burrito, we as parents are so happy to have a little scholar. I hope that she would continue to do good in school. We love you!

She is a little disappointed about her Science/Health grade because it is the lowest one but we told her that it's okay. It is still an A so it doesn't mater, beside she can still improve it. She loves Science that's why she was bummed out.
Pardon for the messy hair, she just arrived from school when I took the photos. She was very excited to show us her report card so we opened it up at the porch.
Next week will be their Santa's Secret Shopping at St. Joseph School. Parents and teachers organize this event every year to teach the kids on how to shop for gifts on a budget. Last year, Ms. Burrito shopped for Pap, her brother, and her Aunt Chris. This year, she is shopping for Pap and for her brother.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Kiddies Thanksgiving Feast

A combined classes of the pre-school to 1st grade at St. Joe's had their Thanksgiving Feast last
The venue of the feast   was in the music room.  Each  holiday,  there are volunteered parents  assigned to help facilitate the event.  I am one of those parents who were tasked to help during their Thanksgiving.
Turkey and other  Thanksgiving goodies was  catered by Bob Evan's.  The cost of the meal for every student was  $5.00 which isn't bad considering the fun that they had.  They  took home an owl  mitten souvenir  courtesy by the Teachers.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Barbie and Ken

Our very own version of Ken, Mr. Burrito.  Sometimes he is up for photos  which I like  because  most of the times he goofs around in front of the camera.
Ken would not be  complete without Barbie hehehe,  the Barbie princess at our home.
Thanks for dropping by.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Sounds of the Wild

Ms. Burrito borrowed this Jungle book at her school library. My Burritos were so entertained while we flipped all the pages and hear ever sound of the wild animals..
I have never seen   such creative book  like this in my childhood so even  yours truly had fun too.
Happy Thanksgiving  everyone.  I thank you for your constant visit and for leaving your thoughts to our posts. May God Bless you all always!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Affordable Fashion Accessories for Kids

Fashion knows no age, season or reason. Either you are born to be like a super model or you can learn the tricks as you go on. What is important is that you know what looks good on you and that you feel good about it. Kids on the other hand are often clueless and couldn't even care less about their outfit. After all they are so focused playing with friends and that the term “fashion” is still new to them. This is where the parents enter the picture.

Now don’t think that your kids will need to learn the technical stuff about fabrics and patterns. Young children should be aware of the importance of dressing up properly in order to create a good image that can help boost their self confidence. One good way especially for young girls to learn this is by playing dress up games. This will give them the idea of how to carry a look or to choose one that is right for them. Also these recreational games could introduce the use of fashion accessories. Most girls love their fancy rings and earrings that they use when playing the roles such as a princess.

If you noticed your little girl’s interest in such items, no need to worry as there are a number of fashion accessories that you can get at an affordable price. Of course online stores and wholesalers could provide you with the widest selection but there are times that you have to place bulk orders in order to get a good discount. If you are looking to buy just a piece or two, check out the flea markets where items are always on a bargain price.

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Santa is Coming to Town Color Connection # 24

These two asked me to take pictures of them with the Santa decor, they also want to buy one for our porch wahhh. Nahhh kiddos, way too expensive lol. Photos were taken at Lowe's last weekend when we bought our Christmas garland.

A Contest that Would Melt Your Heart

Let me share this contest that would surely melt your heart, the Puppies vs. Babies online contest.  My kids and I have voted for Noelle because she is just the cutest little thing among the bunch.  We also  had so much fun watching the videos available at the Animal Planet.  This contest is a showdown whoever is the cutest between Puppies vs. Babies.  If I could have know this contest before, I would surely join because I have taken so many pictures of  our fur baby and our  real babies.  I personally think that the concept should have been a combination of   kids and the puppies but it is just my personal  opinion.  Maybe next time, the organizer will have  a shot of this idea hehehe.
If you want to cast your vote to cute puppies or cute babies, please visit  the links above and  share with me who you've voted for.  Above is a photo of  our kiddos with Champ, our Jack Russell Terrier while they were watching a movie on a portable DVD player.  Mr. Burrito and Champ are not best of friends but they do get along most of the time.  The common denominator for these two is the ball which they play goalie  most of the time.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Raking Leaves is FUN!

After we came back from our long walk at Marland Heights, we decided to rake the leaves in my FIL's front yard.   All of us had so much fun re-scattering all the leaves again lol.  We even involve my FIL to play with us.
Simple things like these can really give a big impact on  child's development because   you are there sharing the joy with them.
It was a good exercise for our lungs as we laughed and laughed until we got  tired.
Our children love outdoors so much and they get  so cranky when we are just at home.  So even during Winter times, we tried to find something that we can do outdoors.  They even love to  shovel snow with us and of course, snow ball fighting  is always the highlight of it.  Sled riding  during snow season is one of our favorite thing to do, they look forward to it every year.  Making snow angels is  an icing on the cake too.  
 There are so many things that we can do with our kids no matter  what season it is.  We just have to  get creative .  It is better than  buying your kids those  high tech gadget where they set all the time  and  play with it.  There is no physical  development contribution in  playing games.  When we were in Korea, we used to go to a small hill near our house.  They love climbing in this small hill.
and slide down, its messy but its fun!

and climbed again lol..

We never have toys growing up but my childhood is full of fun because  my parents were there to play with us all the time.  This is what my husband and I are doing with our own kids.  Spending quality time with them is very important.  When it comes to indoor activities, empty cardboard boxes, loose strings, and other  inexpensive things can really make them  busy and creative.  
I am currently teaching my 4 year old son at home and during our break time, we do things that he love to do like dancing.  I open videos on youtube and we imitate moves of the artists.  We are not  great dancers but  we always have fun because  that is what he likes to do.  Finding the  things that they like is the key to having a happy tot at home.

This is my official entry to "Parents & Play" contest by Kaboom.

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