Thursday, October 9, 2014

Fun at Friends' Dairy Farm

We were invited to come and see a Dairyfarm yesterday by one of my daughter's classmate's parents. This is something we have never done before so we did not hesitate to say year when they invited us to come over.
 The kids  faces just lit up upon seeing each other and seeing the beautiful  surroundings.  This is the first time that my kids  see cows  up close.  We see them  from afar when we  go driving but now this close so it was a very good trip for us.
 We got to meet Abby's two dogs.  They are so sweet.
 The silly faces are magical lol.
They get to experience feeding the  cow.  My daughter was so tickled when the baby cow  suck on her fingers lol.
 Abby is so sweet to let  my daughter name one of the newly born calf.  She named  the  baby cow Ivy.
 This kind of activity is  rare so I want my kids to enjoy every opportunity they get.
 The kids had a blast climbing and hiding  on the bales of hay.
Thanks to the Windshiemer  family for letting us experience this moment. We definitely want to come back again if given a chance.  Maybe  in the summer time so the kids are off and we can stay a bit longer.  


  1. a dairy farm visit is truly a fun-filled activity, children even us adults will enjoy it, milking a cow, i love to do that too :)

  2. Looks like they had so much fun!

  3. Oh wow! That's a wonderful experience to have when you're growing up. You learn to be responsible, know how to care for farm animals and develop that sense of compassion to other living creatures. Your kids are growing up in a well-rounded environment and kudos to you and your hubby for being supportive parents.

    It's so nice as well of the other family to invite you over in their farm. I wouldn't let that opportunity pass too if I was asked. :)

  4. i always love the country life, it's more relaxed and laid-back.. i guess i'm just tired living in the city. my daughter loves the farm, she adores chicken and their little chicks and loves to harvest anything at my mom's farm. :D btw, nice pink cowboy hat your daughter got there! :D

  5. You have a pretty cowgirl Tokaya. :) Looks like they had a blast.

    It's good that your burritos experience and enjoy country life, milking the goats, planting, harvesting, etc. Those are priceless experiences that they will treasure for life. They are so lucky for having great parents.

  6. I like Rylie's Cowgirl outfit!! It's so cute.

  7. The children enjoyed their stay at the farm. Visiting the farm truly an awesome experience.

  8. They all look so happy and I can tell it was both educational and fun. Love your daughter's rocking cowgirl outfit.


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