Thursday, October 10, 2013

BISSELL Helps Keeping Home Clean

This post brought to you by BISSELL Homecare, Inc.. All opinions are 100% mine.

Last weekend was a really busy one for us.  We spent the two days cleaning our home including  the walls.    Hubby  has been hinting for me to initiate the   cleaning of the walls so finally last Sunday when he mentioned it, I told him to grab the bucket and we will do it together, wink.  He did one room and he said "Maybe, we should do one room every weekend" but I don't like installment  cleaning.  When I started a job, I won't  stop until it's done.  I am so relieved that  it's done finally.  I was suppose to do it last Spring but  I slacked off.  

This coming weekend, my husband is  planning to steam our carpet.  I do the vacuuming and he does the steam vacuuming of the carpet.  I am glad that there are plenty of cleaning tips.  Although I don't have a BISSELL vacuum cleaner yet, I am thankful that they are giving consumer  like me a chance to own one through their giveaway/sweepstakes.  You and me can enter to win a fabulous prize so don't forget to check it out and enter.  One of us might get lucky and win, you never know right?

I would really love to own  their POWERGLIDE Pet Vacuum to  help me out   cleaning my dogs' hair.  It is a bit frustrating that every time I vacuum, there is an enormous amount of hair being picked up from the carpet.  By the way, you can  enjoy a $20  off your purchase  and a free shipping with their current offers by using  POWERGLIDE promo code.  
I love the fact that the product I want is lightweight so even my kids can help me in vacuuming our carpet.  Check them out and enjoy their cleaning tips for   different occasion.


  1. I love Bissell products they work the best. I know what you mean about installment cleaning, hubby always suggests something like that lol

  2. I really like that kind of vacuum. I haven't seen Bissell here in Dubai yet but I do want one. I told hubby that before we go home for good (maybe couple of years more), we'll buy most of our appliances in the US like my fave Cuisine Art brands and other Nostalgia appliances plus this one. :)

  3. I have bissell vacuum and carpet cleaner. I really like their products.

  4. This is a great cleaning machine. IT will be very easy to move from one room to another with this tool. I believe it uses a nice technology too to achieve wanted results.

  5. I hope we can also have the help of Bissell here at home :)


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