Tuesday, March 18, 2014

St. Patrick Feast In School

This week is the busiest for me with school related activities for the kids. Some moms including myself helped the first and kindergarten teachers to serve green pancake, green, egg and green milk for the kindergartner and first graders.  This is the teacher's way of cooking for the kids.  
I must admit that all of the kids had so much fun and they enjoyed everything we served.  It was like the best pancake and  scrambled eggs  they  have  ever eaten lol.
The teachers were the ones who  cooked and then we served them to the kids.
This is one of the many things we like about the school where my kids goes.  The teachers truly care for every student they have.  They treat them like their own children which is very commendable.
The teachers in my children school does not get paid much because their pay rate is based from the tuition fee which is not much compared to  the teachers from public schools.  That's why, there are homeroom Moms and other volunteers who does other work in school rather than hiring someone to do it because  the fund is not sufficient.  For that reason,  the parents make sure to give the teachers  gifts  on special occasion  because  we know how hard they work for our kids.
Most of the teachers in  the school  teaches because they love what they do even if the salary is  very  small.  I  commend all of them  for doing such  great jobs in molding our kids.

Anyway,  today I also helped  with the book fair at the library and will go back tomorrow.  Will also  attend the St. Patrick mass, my son is one of the readers so he wants me to be there.  Such a busy  world for Moms but it's worth every second I spend  being with them.


  1. The best way of teaching kids to their future. At least, your kids will grow up in a right way and right direction towards life through your care and love.

  2. well done everyone, it seems they are all united and happy with everything.

  3. They look so cute with their little irish hat.

  4. I can tell the kids had a great time. It is wonderful to know that the teachers in that school are so passionate about their work and that they truly care for the kids. The school where my boy is going is a small school and the teachers really do a great job of teaching these kids. Teachers are wonderful and I wish they get paid more than what they are now.

  5. As we are growing up, our teachers were our role models. We wanted to be like them. I admired all my teachers. They do have a very noble job.
    But some don't deserve to be teachers. :)

    Anyway, we the parents also have the very noble jobs too.

  6. So nice seeing your little man enjoying the Saint Patrick's Day, celebration is more fun when there is a kids involve.

  7. St. Patty's came and i didn't realized it. i was really not myself lately.


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