Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Cat in a Hat

The first graders have celebrated Dr. Seuss day on the last day of February.  They were allowed to  wear  costume but I did not have time to buy my son one so  he went  to school with his school uniform.  When he came home that day, he was wearing a hat so I took some photos of him of course hehehe.
So here's my  cat in a hat,  a happy one.
Dr. Seuss day is another fun day for  small kids to celebrate.  They  watch a movie and read books about Dr. Seuss.


  1. That's a really nice Dr. Seuss hat.

  2. Lol! That’s such a cute hat and of course, a cool face drawing.

  3. Haha So cute - I can't get enough of your son - pogi eh, haha!

  4. Oh my! He is so cute. Can't remember if my kids did something on Dr. Seuss Day.

  5. The cat in the hat is my daughter's favorite book.

  6. That's so nice! He looks very cute Cat in a Hat character. :)


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