Sunday, March 9, 2014

Mega Eggs

My daughter was fascinated by these mega eggs displayed at Hobby Lobby.  She said that it would be nice to find one of these during Easter Egg Hunt and find  a full Easter treat inside.
It would take  5-10 bags of candies to fill this up lol..  This would be nice to display during  Easter parties in school.  Have you seen this kind of mega eggs from the store?


  1. Not in store - but I believe I've seen it somewhere else - panahon na pla ng easter eggs hunts ulit noh

  2. those are really huge eggs! i am sure my son will also be thrilled to see this, especially if they were filled with his favorite car toys!

  3. i saw this at the hobby lobby last week. bought a couple, one each for my kids for Easter.

  4. Been thinking about getting these this year. I have two sisters and I always make them up a little something. Thinking they might like the big egg with candy in it and a stuffed bunny, the smaller ones I could use for something else.


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