Sunday, March 20, 2011

Shamrocks and More

During our St. Patrick's Day celebration, all of us wore green. We attended a mass and I am so thankful that my family came to church to hear mass with us.

Then the next day, we had a Green brunch in school. Our teacher, together with two mother's of my classmates, prepared the food for us. We had green pancakes, green eggs, green milk, and orange juice. We all love it!

My teacher gave each of us a green shamrock book and we colored some fun pictures. I read the whole book to my parents with just few mistakes. Mommy said that I am getting so much better in reading.
When Mom and Dad brought me and my brother to the doctor, we took some pictures while waiting for our turn. There were so many kids that were sick and waiting for their turn too.
I saw this pose on TV so I asked my Mom to take a picture of me imitating the pose.

Thank you once again for viewing my blog. Most of the times, mommy do the typing for me because I am very slow, I just tell her what I want to say. Thank you Mom!


  1. Please follow me and I will follow back. Mom taught me how to do it.

  2. What a busy week you have had, Ms. Burrito. You look so pretty in your dress too. I hope that you are feeling so much better now.

    God bless,

    Ms. Kathy in Oregon

  3. Hey Sweetie.. Wow, sound like you had fun, didn't you??? Good to know that..

    To share a little with you, we do not have celebration such as St. Patrick's Day here in Singapore.. So to be honest with you, I never knew how it was like to celebrate it as a child..

    You are getting better in reading?? That's good to know because reading helps in writing.. Mommy must be proud of you... can imagine her smile as you read.. :)

    How are you and brother?? Feeling better, I hope..

    Okay, that's all for now.. and take care, yeah?? *HUG*

  4. You wrote a very nice post today with mommy's help. Hope you feel better and had a Happy St Patrick's Day.

  5. ang pretty naman ng little girl na ito :) My MYM is here rylie hope you can visit thanks

  6. You're always on my mind whenever I see beautiful girls on TV and always tell my kids that someday you'll grow up to be model or beauty queen. You are so pretty my dear!

  7. You're so cute Rylie.

    Have a fabulous week!

    My Mellow Yellow.

  8. Little girl is so cute! She dressed up so well. I like her clothes. Happy Monday! My MYM

  9. Good job usual, you are so pretty baby.

    Happy MYM. Mine is here

  10. HI Ms. Burrito, wow you look pretty in your pose.. dropping by for Blue Monday, regards to mom and dad..

    hope you can drop by my
    Blue Monday here

  11. Hmmm looks like you have quite a bisy but fun filled weekend with all those celebrations. Hope you're feeling better now?

  12. Hi Ms. Burrito you are so lovely.. hope you and your little brother are feeling better.

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  13. hay wala akong masabi, perfect pose with that blue blouse of yours baby...
    tita clavs

  14. here comes the spotlight princess. ur very pretty Ms. Burrito. I followed you already. i would like to ask favor from you to follow my other blog. here is the URL:

    see you around. thannks!

  15. Oh my you look so adorable in your photo Ry, pretty. It seems your growing as beautiful lady, I mean lalo kang gumaganda. :-) I love it when you call me Tita, hahaha.

  16. Hi Rye that was a great pose you had imitated, you look so cute

    Mellow Yellow Monday

  17. Thank you Sweetie, for visiting Tingtasy.. Hmm, but what does Tita mean?? Sorry, I tried to figure it out but you know, my brain is not working very well today..

    Oh yes, Sweetie, I have a meme and wish to invite you to join if you are free.. It is called TT (Tuesday Thankfulness)..

    You can share anything which you feel thankful about it, be it a drawing, a picture, a short story, or anything, as long as it has a thankful note..

    Hope to see you when you are free... *HUG*

  18. Oh how precious are these pictures!!! Happy Blue Monday!

  19. Happy St. Patrick's Day! It is one of my favorite holidays, but I actually forgot what the date was when I got dressed for work...I didn't wear green. Can you believe it?

  20. love the last pretty!

  21. You look so cute in your dress for St. Patty's Day! Have a happy monday.

  22. Shamrock, and clover belated happy happy st. patrick

    My Blue Monday|I Spy

  23. Great photos. What a nice party. And I explain where milk comes green, and he knows. I've never tried. Greetings.

  24. It looks like you had a real fun day!


  25. You have a lovely family. Nothing better than spending time with them. To me that is the best of quality time ever spent. Thanks for dropping by my place today.

  26. So cute ni Rylie. Love green.

  27. That's a pretty attire! And love that cute smile too!

  28. wow! you're such a pretty little princess!!! visiting your green monday entry ms. burrito!

    Pink Memoirs

  29. your are so pretty Ms. Burito even when sick. what a nice pose you did.

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    Messy workplace
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  30. hi pretty girl nangungulit lng ulit :) Happy RT naman :) My Ruby Tuesday

  31. you are very pretty your dress!


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