Tuesday, March 22, 2011

J's in the Family

There are so many J's in my family, meet my family as I introduce them to you one by one. First up is my Pap whom I love so much. His first name is Jennings. We love our Papap so much because he is very loving, kind, and sweet!

Here's my dad and little "bother". Dad's first name is John and my brother's middle name is Jennings, taken from my Pap's first name.

Mommy thinks that Dad has a "Jack of all trade" trait. I don't know what that means but it sounds really nice. It must be, because Mommy loves him so much!

Meet our super hyper dog, he is a Jack Russel Terrier. His name is Champ but Mommy calls him Champion when he isn't listening.. giggles.

I will tell you a little secret about my brother. I used to call him Joops when he was a baby, I don't know why but I think it's so cute to call im that name.
My school is St. Joseph and here are two sets of uniform we have. I am in kindergarten so we are not required to wear a uniform but Mom and Dad bought me uniform anyway, I used it twice a week.
We bought these at Uniform Fitter.
And lastly, even if my Mom has no J to her name, I will tell you some things about her. I used to think that she loves blogging more than me but now I understand that she just have a lot of things to do in the computer aside from blogging. I also know that she love us more than anything. Well, one of the many thing she does is clicking email ads which gives her reward. These are some of the things we bought when she received her JCPenny gift cards.Dad and EJ sporting their new Jeans.
Yours truly, Jillian, sporting the new outfits that Mom bought for me.
Last week, we received a $10 gift certificate from JC Penny so Mommy bought me and my brother each a t-shirt.

Thank you so much Mom and Dad! Here's my family. Our dog isn't in the picture because he ran away, he did not want to sit still.
PS.. Don't forget the powerful J - Jesus is up there watching over us.

Thank you everyone for visiting and for following my blog.


  1. Thank you everyone for visiting and for following my blog.

  2. My name is a J name too,and one of my cats also has a J name.
    Jane x

  3. You have lots of J names in your family just like me - I have a James, Jack, Jason, Jacqueline, Jaclyn, and John! I like all your J words and wish I could visit JC Penny and buy some jolly outfits, too.

    ABCW Team

  4. A jolly band of folks!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  5. J is a popular letter, as we also have a Jill, Julie, Jon in our family.

    Your family is so adorable, and so is the dog.

  6. You have lots of happy Js in your family to help you celebrate the J Day!! Hope you're having lots of fun!

    ABC Team

  7. That's a lot of "J"s. Great post. You cant go wrong focusing on your family and Jesus

    An Arkies Musings

  8. we have a lot of J's around here, my favorite letter!

  9. I love your use of the J words today, You have a very lovely family, and your Dad and Brother posed so pretty for their pictures. And you look so nice in your uniforms, even though they don't look like uniforms to me, they look like the pretty girl in them.

    Thank you Ms. Burrito for visiting my ABC post today.

  10. What fun photos, glad to see you have recovered from ear ache. Love the last photo, a great family shot.
    Jennings is an unusual first name.

  11. Hi Rye this is pretty nice to write about your Papap, Dad and EJ. I like to see you wearing your school uniform, you grow up very pretty! Thanks for the visit!!
    ABC Wednesday

  12. Great family post. I enjoyed the photographs. My daughter's name begins with J.

  13. Nice post. Good to see all lovely "J"s. My wishes.

  14. You have a great loving family.

  15. Rylie you're so cute wearing your school uniform hahaha.

    Love you baby.

  16. Thank you dear Ms Burrito for the lovely photos and for introducing all members of your family! you have a very lovely and caring and beautiful family! Thank you for coming to my blog! See you!

  17. Definitely a lot of sweet, happy J's. Thanks for sharing!

  18. hi miss burrito!..thats a lot of J!
    happy ABC Wed!
    here is my share..

  19. Joyous, joyous.. Yes, a joyous sharing on letter J..

    Oh yes, sweetie, your mom, she loves you more than anything.. You are her joy, her life.. and indeed, not just blogging, there are many other things to be done..

    I love your uniform.. Love the first pic of it.. and wow, so many J in your family..

    Ending your post with Jesus is the love for everything.. Yes, through him and in him, we get to know each other and he will never fail us, guiding us in all ways..

    Jesus, the all-loving J... :)

    Happy J (joyous) Wednesday to you.. :)

  20. Amazing how "J" jumps in and out of our lives!

    Nice post...cool uniforms...it's nice to have a choice too.


  21. Wow, daming J ni ms burritos .. good work rylie :)
    MY ABC Wednesday is here

  22. Jennings - what an unusual name. My middle name begins with a J too!

  23. Very sweet *J's* Ms Burrito!!! You have two beautiful children!!! And a handsome hubby to boot!!!

  24. I like all names here, your family is adorable!
    Léia - Bonjour Luxembourg

  25. Just so you know, several of my first cousins (and a sister) that are all about the same age, are named Jean, Janet, Joyce, Jane, and June. Hmmmm. I wonder how that happened? (4 families) :-)

  26. I know your mama, She's a great lady.

    What's your favorite co,or? I teach 5 year olds too. Their favorite color are purple and pink. What's yours?

  27. confident folks,
    love the smiles.
    beautiful J family.

  28. You have a wonderful family Ms. Burito. I just knew after reading that you are Jillian. nice name

    my ABC Wednesday

  29. Wow! What a J-Family!! :)
    Tahk you very much for visiting my site Ms Burrito!
    Wishing you a wonderful day

  30. A great entry for J day with many beautiful family shots!
    Thanks for sharing;o)

    Have a nice and happy day****

  31. I wish my kids got to wear school uniforms. They are cute!

  32. wow it looks like J vs. R hehe we have 3J's too

  33. You have a pretty uniforms dearie :)

  34. i hope to meet you in person in the future.. I'll be following all your post to know all your secrets hihi.. always wear your beautiful smile!

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  36. great blog with beautiful photos. Am your newest follower from the hop,looking forward in reading more of your post,pls visit me back and return the love.Thanks.


  37. Love all the pictures. The kiddos are so cute!
    Hello I am following you via the FNFW blog hop. Please follow me.


  38. Great Pictures!

    I'm a new follower and would love it if you could check out my new blog and follow me, too!



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