Thursday, December 14, 2017

Falloween Fun Celebration at St. Joseph School

I know Halloween is over  and Fall is almost to an end but I would like to  share  this wonderful event  at my  children's school dubbed as Falloween.  The  parent organizers did a really great job setting this all up.  Every class has a booth that parents have decorated and we  divided all the candies that the school have   collected  from the parents.  I think every booth  was  decorated beautifully.
St. Joseph is a catholic school so all the theme are related to God.  It's always fun to have a little twist to traditional Holidays like Halloween.  "Life is bootiful with Jesus"
"Owl you need is Jesus"
"Let's get batty and step up to the plate, God is calling"
"Hand picked by God"
"Wrapped in the love of Jesus"

A photo booth was set up for class pictures.
There were lots of games played after the students were done trick or treating from all the tables.
Before Falloween, students were provided  some pumpkins and they painted them.  It was a contest  and judged by  someone who was not from the school.  My  son's clas (5th grade) was the winner.  They designed their pumpkins like donuts.
"Donut Worry, God is always with you"

I think the smurf pumpkins are cute.
I thought the pumpkin designed as candy corns are cute.  Take a look below.
More  designs  from other classes.
My kids  are now 10 and 12 and they don't want  those  store bought costume anymore.  They  made their own this year.  My daughter love sushi so she made herself look like sushi lol.
Their original plan was  to dress up like their favorite characters in Regular show but decided to scrape the idea.  My son  just used her JuiJitsu uniform.
Kids and teachers were all involved in this event.  There was a game where in two students  have to wrap  a teacher into a mummy.  The winners received their prices for  free uniform the next day.  The kids wear uniforms everyday so  having a  No Uniform pass is a great deal for them.
My son's class and their teacher, Ms. Boyd.
The school principal, priest, and  teachers.
Photo opp I had with a close friend of mine.  She's always involved with  every event in school.  The most down-to-earth person I've met here in the US.
My husband took a day off that day so he could be at the event.
It was a great opportunity too  for me to bond with him.  I was assigned to take pictures of the event so he watched  on the bench while I was busy.
My daughter is the littlest in her class. All her classmates are tall so she always feel so small.  I told her, that's what she get for having a  tiny  Asian Mom lol.
Photo opp with Deacon Vince.
The West Virginia Northern College  sent their mascot to add some entertainment for the kids.
Overall, it was a success.  Kudos to the organizers.  I think most of the parents pitched in and helped that's why it was a success.  It's nice when everybody helps.  There were lots of snacks  served after the trick or treating and games.  Everything was also donated by parents.

Does your children's school host an event like this too?  Please share your experience.


  1. This looks like such a fun event for the kids. All of the tables are decorated so cute and I love that the event is called falloween. Love it!

  2. That sounds like such a fun event. I wish my kids school did something like around Halloween.

  3. Sounds like Falloween was such a great hit and job well done to the organisers. You daughter looks absolutely lovely as always

  4. Your school went all out to celebrate Halloween. They had several fun tables and things for the kids.

  5. This looks like such a fun way to celebrate Halloween. I just love all the decor here. Looks like it was a blast!

  6. That's a cute idea, to dress as sushi for Halloween! Unique costume. And it looks like their Halloween party was a lot of fun.

  7. I've never heard anyone say Falloween before, it's a creative play on words. It sounds like the school tried to involve all of the students and make things fun for all.

  8. I grew up at an elementary school that did something similar. It was a lot of fun.

  9. I have never heard of that said that way but it's kind of fun. It looks like they decorated the place really neat and everybody dressed up so cute. It looks like a lot of fun.

  10. This is so original and love the meaning behind this event! Great way to get the parents involved too!

  11. What a neat way to celebrate! Looks like such a fun event, and thankful you shared this.

  12. This looks like a really fun party. I love how creative your daughter's sushi costume was.

  13. This looks like it was a fun event. My favorite is the ice cream cone pumpkin.

  14. All of those booths looked great! This must have been such a good time for the kids.

  15. Nice! The decorated pumpkins were super creative. Kids are so talented.

  16. This is a fun and creative way to celebrate the season at your church! I love that the whole family can be involved, making those memories even more special.

  17. I love that theme of the event was about God. That's awesome. Never seen any Halloween program like this before. Thanks for sharing. The kids sure looked like they had good fun.

  18. I love this!! This is such a better way to celebrate Halloween and the kids still have lots of fun.

  19. Halloween sounds like a lot of fun. My kids both went to public school. But our church does a Fall festival instead of Halloween.


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