Monday, August 5, 2013

Dog Experience

When I was about  9 years old , I  had a horrible experience being chased by a dog.  I was passing by their house when the dog started  chasing me.   The owner thought it was funny but I was terrified as the dog was not  playing but he was ready to bite me.  It's very sad to know that there is no law against dog owners like that in my country.  If that would have happen here, you can hire any  san diego dog bite attorneys to represent your case.   I was really exhausted and almost passed out when the owner finally called  their dog.  It was  an experience I will never forget.


  1. mas malala yong sa akin Rose dahil andito pa yong peklat ko sa kagat ng aso... ang masama pa, ni hindi man lang ako tinulungan ng dog owner pra dalhin sa hospital... :(

  2. That's a very irresponsible on the part of the dog owner. Being chased by a dog, and worse, bitten, is a very horrible experience. The dog should have been kept inside the yard or at least out in a leash if they have a tendency to be aggressive. Good, nothing happened to you sis.

  3. Good thing the dog does not bite you sis In my side I was bite by the dog in my cousins neighbor were in vacation during that time was cleaning their backyard when suddenly the dog barking me and bite me yes, I had a scars on my left knee I won't forget that happen to me. Punta kami ng hospital doon pa injection ako. hindi ko alam nmatay ba yong aso sana namatay na nayong aso:-( tagal na kasi nangyari sad talaga wlang law doon kakalungkot lang.

  4. Oh dear! that is so scary... i kinda like a dog if they were not too big for my size, when they were bigger and taller than me, it seems to be intimidating and that's where the fear starts.

  5. I like puppies but never been fond of dogs cause of a similar experience.

  6. I was bitten by a dog once when I was a child too.. on my arm! It hurt a lot and I was really scared of our neighbor's dog.


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