Monday, November 25, 2013

Little Maxxinista

I found a comfy  long sleeve top for my  little miss when we went to  TJ Maxx during the opening.  There are so many fabulous clothing there that  I'd love to buy for my daughter.  There are also many art supplies that this little maxxininista wants to buy from there.  
I am thinking of becoming a member of TJ Maxx so we could enjoy their deals.  I'd think about it and if I see the need, I would.
How about you, have you ever shop at TJ Maxx?


  1. I live the top
    It looks designer made

  2. I buy stuff at TJ Maxx. Mostly kids clothes.

  3. She is so cute, love the top. I am a big fan of TJ Maxx, we are getting a new one that will be closer soon.

  4. She is indeed just like mommy, totally fashionista.

  5. I have shopped there and i like it

  6. I have only shopped at TJ Maxx a few times. I think it is based upon it's location rather than the selection and price which are always good.

  7. Yes, I have been to the TJMaxx store and bought a pair of sandals and some clothes. I like it, but sad to say we live far from any types of malls or huge stores. :( She looks adorable and I love the top.

  8. Looks cute and cozy top. I think you should take advantage of their savings by signing up.

  9. Your daughter looks like a model when she poses!


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