Thursday, March 31, 2022

Winter Fun: Sled Riding

Our kids are just 18 months apart so they are super close to each other.  They were often mistaken as twins when they were little.  I am glad that we had them in such a close gap.  It was tough but we made it through.  These two are growing up so well and we can't ask for more. 
We had  big snows during the winter and they decided to go sled riding.  I had to take these photos before they left since I did not go with them.  Now that our daughter is driving already, they can pretty much go anywhere without us unless they need parental supervision.
They still opposes pictures being taken but I'm glad they  let me from time to time.  I think they will appreciate these captured memories when they are grown up.
Blake was still so little in these pics.  It was funny watching him run around the snow and eats them as he dove in them.

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