Wednesday, October 28, 2015

London to Germany by Train

Have you ever wished  of visiting London someday?  Some of you  might have been there already but I am one of those who hasn't yet but that's one of my long time dream.  This Allen House is one of the  beautiful  London Apartments that I have seen at this website that I have been browsing  since this morning.  It's raining here so I  fiverted my  homesickness into traveling virtually.  This Allen House is a traditional property and is situated on Allen Street just off the Kensington High Street. Ot is close to many cafes, restaurants and shops.  It's amazing how traditional houses in London is so ornate, the details are just gorgeous.
London Apartments would be a  great pick for my fmily if we ever visit London.  I don't know when it will be but I do hope that we could explore someday, it would be a lifetime experience for  us.  We have a friend who lives in Germany and we  would love to visit them  someday.  I learned that you can    ride trin from London to Germany .  That would be so cool!

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