Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Graduation Reception at Holiday Inn #Class2021

Just like our daughter's graduation a couple of years ago, our son's class graduation reception was also held at Holiday Inn where the food was catered by Undo's Restaurant.  I am grateful that we could gather together at this important milestone without the Covid restriction.
Our daughter got to reconnect with her  former classmates and closefriends.
This definitely brought back great memories from their class two years ago.
I am also glad that one our son's  close friend, Rissy, came back to St. Joe's on their last year.
EJ with Rissy and Gabriella in the photo above and below is Rylie with her friend Hannah and Mrs. Mascio.
Mrs.  Mascio's table decorations are gorgeous.
My daughter is such a Daddy's girl.
I am glad that these kids are close to each other that even if they go their separate ways during high school they will remain friends.
I don't like what the media is doing to the young generation nowadays.  They are  brainwashing most of these kids and that worries me.  I scolded my kids one time when they were talking about something that they believe is true but it's not.  I am worried that when they go ton college, they will be influenced and be radicalized which is scary.  
For now, we can still contain them in a safe environment but when they go out, it concerns me.
Our world is totally different now.  With all these radical ideas circulating around, it's no wonder the young generation are the easy target of these so called world leaders.  I feel like it's no longer safe no matter where you go.  
I am happy though that my kids still listens to us and that we can tell them with our beliefs.  It's super hard to control what they see online.  
My son doesn't want his pictures taken most of the time  but I am glad that he was up for it during the graduation, it's a happy day to celebrate with his friends.
Happy to tolk to one of my close friend as well.
EJ told us  that he isn't getting any awards like his sister did two years ago but he actually had some.
So happy I could capture this exciting times of his life.  He is anxious about going to high school but I think, he will do just fine.
With his classroom teacher, Mrs. Felton.
With Fr. Dennis.  EJ actually asked me if I could take a photo of him with Father which I gladly obliged.
We didn't get to take pictures before leaving home so we took some when we came back from the reception.
This was the last time we had the chance to take pictures with our dog, Bolt.  He was always ready to pose with us.  Even when he was sick, he posed with us in these pics.
This is one of the many things I will miss about Bolt.  His mild demeanor and being chill all the time.
These two always goofs around, glad they can have fun together.
Looking at these photos makes me miss our dog even more, it makes me cry.
I can't believe how tall my son got.  
I always save the flowers that they bring home.  It's a great keepsake even when its dried out.
Like his sister, he also go the President's Award for outstanding academic excellence.
A surprised scholarship that he received.
A video keepsake made by Mrs. Mascio, thank you Marie.
I am happy to have both of our children graduate from St. Joseph the Worker School.  It's a great primary school in the area. Thank you once again to Mrs. Fuscardo, our  awesome principal, and her  whole stuff.  Thank you to Fr. Dennis for leading not only the children but also the  staff and the parents to a great path of Catholicism and lastly thanks to God Almighty for allowing us to send our children to a school that values God and religion.  We will begin another whole adventure in Madonna High School.  May God continue to watch over us and guide us.

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