Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Our #Son, EJ's Graduation from St. Joseph

It was May 26th when St. Joseph the Worker School had the graduation.  I am glad that they get to do the ceremony and that the Covid restriction was almost over.  His class definitely missed a lot of good  opportunities because of the pandemic but I'm thankful that the school had a good system that got through the whole situation.  It was tough having to do cyber classes but glad that the teachers at St. Joseph stepped it up in making sure that the kids didn't miss out on learning.
EJ's class didn't get to go on Washington DC trip nor had the opportunity in competing for the History Bowl but it's okay, the most important thing was they were healthy and wasn't affected by the flu.  I am also glad that before the pandemic fully erupted, my kids and I were able to participate on the March for Life in DC so that made up his missed opportunity in going to DC although we didn't get to do much but it was a great experience for my kids and I.

We bought him a new pair of suit at JoS. A. Bank at Ross Park Mall.  He doesn't like wearing  suit but I think he look great on it.   He like  the color purple so we got him a purple tie.  We found him a new pair of shoes at DSW.  I can't believe how much this dress shoes cost!  However, it's worth every penny because he said it was very comfortable on his feet.

It was raining hard when the Baccalaureate mass was held.  My husband drove him at church first so they could have their picture taken.  They didn't get the chance to have their class picture taken but glad they were able to have their  graduation picture taken.
He is growing up like a weed.  I am the shortest now in our family and I think EJ will be taller than his Dad here pretty soon.
I am one happy Momma.  Hubby and I thank God for guiding us in sending our children to a good  catholic school.  We had successfully have them finish catholic education in the primary and now in secondary education too.
He was trying to make me do what he's doing in this pic but I couldn't get myself to do it lol.
I wish my husband would have stayed inside the church after the  mass so we could have taken  at least one family picture together.
Okay, here's a pic of these two doing what teenagers do lol.  I am not even sure what you call it but I am sure they will get a good kick out of this when they look back to it when they are older.
Most of the times, my kids were mistaken by people who don't know them as twins.  That's probably because they are close in age.  I am also glad that they are very close with each other.
I finally got to have a good and normal picture of them in this photo below.
My ultra sociable son flexing his  certificate.  
I would like to thank the whole St. Joseph staff for a job well done in teaching the kids not only academically but most importantly is their guidance in each kids morally and spiritually.

It is true that sending your kids to private schools is costly but we don't regret that decision because the kids don't have to worry about bullying issues. These kids grow closer to each other which is a living proof that they are guided well in the school.
Fr. Dennis is a really good leader and a great example for the kids.  I am thankful that he is leading Madonna and St. Joseph.
I am glad these boys transferred from St. Paul's to St. Joe's, my son would have been the lone boy at his class if they didn't.  My son was the only remaining male in his class  of the original St. Joseph kids who enrolled  since kindergarten.
He got himself some great friends.
Finally got a chance to snap a photo of these two.

Some of these kids will go to other schools but I think they will always remember the great memories that they have at St. Joseph.

I have two high schoolers this year.  The tuition is expensive but we don't mind paying for it.  Both of them got  a small scholarship and that helps a little too.

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