Sunday, September 5, 2021

Career Paths for Teachers

When it comes to careers, the majority of people want to know that there is going to be an opportunity to progress when they accept a job offer. After a while of working in the same role, it can get boring as you have gotten everything you possibly can out of it, and are ready to take on bigger challenges so that you can grow both personally and professionally. Luckily, a lot of careers can provide various progression routes, allowing you to move into different departments, and teaching is one job role that can lead to a variety of opportunities. If you’re a teacher who is wondering what they can do next, here are a few routes you could explore.


You might want to stay working within the school environment, and a good career aim, if you would like to move further up the ladder, is to become a head of a department, and then principal. If this is something that you’re interested in, you will need to show that you have strong leadership skills, which is why applying for head of department positions before applying to become a principal is a good idea. You might also want to return to college to study leadership in education. You can do this online if you would like, as this might make it easier to #t your studies around your job. Check out this CAGS in Educational Leadership  certificate program as an example of the type of thing you should be looking at.

Private Tutor

If you would like to break away from the traditional classroom setting and would like to become self-employed, using your teaching experience to become a private tutor could be the right choice for you. This can be a lucrative role if you build a strong client base, and a lot of educators #nd this more enjoyable as it is working closely with students one-on-one, rather than having to lead a bigger class which can be challenging at times. You can also choose your working hours, though you will likely be working weekends and after-school hours as this is when your students will be available.

Helping to Develop Teacher Training

If you would like to move away from working with students altogether, you could instead look at using your teaching expertise to help develop and implement professional teacher training programs instead. All educators will need to go through training before they can become fully +edged teachers, but they will also need to continue this development throughout their careers to match changing curriculums and new, innovative methods of teaching. You could start to work for an organization that helps to create these programs and supports educators looking for a job that isn’t in the classroom.

Working for the Department of Education

This is another interesting role that is outside of the usual educational settings. If you are looking for this kind of change, working for the department of education could be the right career path for you as an educator. You could help to create the curriculum, liaise with other government professionals, and oer advice based on your previous experience working as a teacher. You could help to improve the overall learning and teaching experience for future students and educators, which is an incredible thing to achieve in your career.  

If you’re a teacher who is wondering what they could do next and wants some ideas about the future of their career, consider the suggestions above and see if any appeal to you

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