Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Well Traveled Kids

I am so blessed that I have tow well traveled kids.   No matter how long the flights or drives are, they still manage to   wear a smile in their faces every time.  Mr. Burrito gets a little antsy sometimes but he is  still a great traveler  compared to other kids that I see  every time we travel.


  1. Aww, so cute! Rye is such a princess. Glad your kids are well-traveled. I guess the older kids, the easier it is.

  2. oh, you really have a very sweet family Rose, they always smile happily, I am sure they are excited to travel with you and explore the world

  3. It simply reflects the excitement and enjoyment they have during travel :D

  4. it is good that your babies loves to travel. mine are still too small to tell. I wish they'll be like me who have great passion for travelling.

  5. I am also lucky that my daughter who is only 3 years old is a well travelled kid. Indeed, she likes travelling even in far places unlike me who feel dizzy at all times.

  6. It's true, well traveled kids behave much better because they are used to it.


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