Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Angel's Marching

 On All Saint's Day, the kindergarten and First graders  at SJS  has to wear a costume either as a Saint or an Angel. When Ms. Burrito was in kindergarten, she chose to be a St. Agnes while this year, she preferred to be an Angel.  Below are  the photos of the Angels marching towards the Altar.
 I bought this outfit online, she really love it.  Too bad, she only wore it twice.
 The priest at our church is very nice.  Every  occasion, he gives us parents, the chance to take pictures of the kids after the  ceremony or celebration.
 Ms. Burrito might be the shortest and smallest among the  the first graders but for us she is big and tall as she can face the crowd without fear.  She is way better than me lol.
The proud Daddy with  the Burritos and Bumble Bee, our friends' daughter.


  1. awwwwwww...super pretty nang angel! she may be the smallest but she is the smartest....:)

  2. pretty girls :-) visiting from Mellow Yellow Monday, hope that you can return the visit too.


  3. She looks so adorable in her angel costume.

    abcw team

  4. What an adorable angel. The perfect choice for the letter A.

  5. Angelic, indeed.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  6. Wonderful shots of the children and your daughter as an angel. Good family shots too.

    1. I Should like to have such angels around in my house, watching over me!

  7. I just love these little angels. The photos are darling. Your angel is so pretty and brave to be art of the group with the sweet smile on her face. love the daddy photo as well.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  8. Angels, especially like you little ones, will always be beautiful beings in my books.

    Darling Rylie, this is for Mommy:
    Kala ko sis nagka new baby kayo! :D

  9. Beautiful photo collection and a very lovely post. The children are all so cute.

    Thanks so much for sharing.

  10. Cute naman ng daughter mo:) Bagay sa kanya yung angel costume..

    Visiting for MYM! Here's my share- hope you can stop by:)


  11. Your Ms Burrito makes an adorable and beautiful angel! I especially love her wings. (Never being able to pull off a convincingly angelic look like Ms. Burrito clearly can, I'd have chosen to be a saint ~ but only if I could have been Joan of Arc!) :-)

  12. These is supposed to be the perfect costume for kids and not a costume like a devil, lol! Thanks for the visit, Rye!

    Kim, USA

  13. Adorable photos! They'll be so much fun to look back on in the years ahead, too.

    P.S. Thanks for visiting—I followed you back, too!

  14. Oh! Man she is cute in her outfit! It's wonderful when the Priest lets parents take pictures on the alter. I have three kids that are alter serves and I DO NOT have a picture of them. But, Father said next time they all serve together for something special he will be sure to let me take their picture. YAY!

    Joining your blog. I try to support fellow Catholics. to me it's always good to know we are not alone. :) Lisa

    1. Thank you Ms. Lisa. Yes, our priest is very nice, he even encourages our parents to go in front of the altar after each masses.

  15. Beautiful red roses:)The baby's dress is beautiful too:)

    Visiting for RT 2! Here's my share- hope you can stop by:)


  16. looking very cute...sure u had a great time at the all saint's day event being an angel :)

    i think i'd be really nice if you could contribute for Saturday Sareenity.

    have a great weekend n keep well,

  17. Hello Ms. Burrito.
    I must say you looked very cute in your outfit.
    I can tell you love the camera too (smile).
    Thank you for sharing this delightful post.
    Thank you also for following my blog. I always try to return the kindness & am now following you too.
    Have a lovely week ahead.
    See you later in the week for "B"!

    Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn

  18. oh that is so cool! :) I love your angel outfit Rylie, gorgeous! My "A" for ABC Wednesday.


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