Sunday, January 15, 2012

First Communion

Another milestone has passed in one of our  precious  child's age.  Our youngest turned 5 years old today which means that he will  start  going to  school this year.  With the lessons we were having at home, I  am  confident that he is now ready to  enter  kindergarten.  Another big milestone is about to happen to our   daughter, she will be having  her first communion sometime in May of this year.  I have been looking around  for some white dress that she can wear so that when the  time is here,  it will be ready. The first graders at St. Joe school will receive their first communion when they are in first grade.  Something that my daughter  is looking forward to so she could also partake during the communion  ceremony at church during masses.

Some parents  celebrate this occasion with big party so they invite  friends and family for a big gathering.     If you are planning to  have Communion invitations  sent out to your friends and family, check out the First Communion invitations at Communion Cards website.  They have a so many selections of different designs  for both boys First Communion invitations and for girls.    In a couple of years,  our son will  have his first communion too so it is nice to find these resources online.  So far, I only found  one store here in our area that sells  outfits  for communion but I am still looking around.  You can celebrate your child's journey  with a savings of 20% off by using  the coupon code SAVE at Communion Cards.  

 I remember when my husband had his first communion.  He  had it before we got married at church.  He was a very lucky man to receive four important blessing that day at church which includes baptism, first communion, confirmation, and the sacrament of  wedding.  I am glad he turned into the religion that I am because we are now  practicing one as a family.


  1. Fun hearing about your daughter's special day. I, too, think it's special when families worship together. It's a good foundation for marriage.

  2. buti pa dito daming biz...ehehehhee!


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