Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Fun Night with Friends in the City of Bridges, #Pittsburgh

 My daughter and her friends went on a fun night in Pittsburgh on November 20th last year.  One of their friends missed the homecoming dance because of Covid so they went out and had fun with a style.  They rode a limo  to and from their destination. These group of kids have a strong friendship bond.

Glad they could go out and have fun given the covid situation.  
These two don't want to be photographed anymore but when occasion such as this occurs, I always make sure to capture some despite their opposition lol.
Thought she looked beautiful in this simple green dress that we bought.
I love the booties she wore as well.
My first baby has definitely grown into a full grown woman.
She's almost done with her Junior year, in few more months, she'll enter senior year.  Ahhh time flies!
A lot has changed and happened for the last couple of years but one thing is for certain, we love watching our children grow.
Tomorrow will be her first day of working part time.  It's always exciting to do  firsts.
It was light up night when they got together so it made it really especial.

Roaming around in the city of bridges during night time must be fun.  I'm too old to  do these stuff but glad that my daughter can experience these things.

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