Wednesday, March 9, 2022

EJ's 15th Birthday

Here it comes, just like that and he's 15!  How is this even possible.  It feels just like yesterday when I gave birth to him wahh.  I'm a little sad that they are growing up so fast but also glad to see them grow up.  I wouldn't trade motherhood for  any richness on earth.  I'd choose them over gold!  I love my life as a mom of these two .  Aside from my husband, they are the best things that has happened to me.  I'd be forever grateful to God that He blessed me with a wonderful family!


Having a daughter and a son is perfect.  These two  are the best kids that any parent could ask for and I am beyond blessed to be their Mom.
Anyway, since my son's birthday falls after Christmas, it is hard to find things that he likes.  Luckily, his interest went back to cars again  so I managed to get him some and also got him a car storage to display his collection.  I also made a DIY project using some  materials we have at home.  
We used to travel on their birthdays but given the situation, we only went to Boardman and hang out for a little bit, it was fun though.
I'm glad we managed to have a little getaway even for just a day.  It gave them a little something to do other than hang out at home.
I am glad that there's pingpong table at the mall, it's been a while since we play it.
Dearest EJ,

As you turned 15
Our love for you has grown bigger
We are grateful to have a loving son
Thank you for coming to our lives and making our life complete.
We love you very much and we will be here for you, always.
May God continue to  guide and bless you with good slate of health.



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