Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Letting Kids be KIDS!

I am sure I am not the only with kids who think like they are an adult.  Our daughter is 10 years old but most of the times, she likes to think that she's 20, that she knows  things more than we do.  I always remind her that it is not the case, that what she knows is  way far from what we know.  It is for this reason that the guidance of parents is very crucial during the children's formative years.  
 Although I love the fact that she thinks  mature than her age, it is still important  to let kids be KIDS!  I don't want them to  say  later on that they didn't have a good childhood.  I want them to enjoy the joy of being kids.  It's fun to be kids!  I wish I could be a kid again.
 Letting kids be KIDS is important.  Let them experience the beauty of life as a kid.  Their adulthood will  come  so there's no rush of letting them grow old.  I am  blessed to have been by my kids side every step of the way.  I get to  witness  their development, their  sadness, their joys, and everything.  Giving up a career to raise kids is  the best thing.
 Once in a while, I miss being inthe  workforce but then when I look how my  kids, I would immediately tell myself, "You did the right thing!"

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