Saturday, April 16, 2016

Rewards for Kids

Kids will always be kids no matter how strict you impose rules  inside the house.  Hubby and I don't give our children material rewards very often but there are  certain instances that we do such as  when they behave well  in public or  when they volunteer to help us around the house.  I used to give them stickers then at the end of the year, they count their stickers and  we convert it into cash.  Now that they are bigger, one of the   favorite  rewards they  ask is go to Dunkin Donuts and have some  donuts.  This does not happen very often  but it is always a treat  when they get it.
 Play date with their friends is also a great reward for them.  They get to be with their friends and do things that they love.  I don't let my kids go on sleep over  but  we do  play date once in a while.  Today was EJ's second play date.
His sister always go on a play date  so he is kind of jealous about that so we made sure that he has some as well.  Glad  he had a great time with his friends at the park today.  When we got home, he took a long nap after he showered.  


  1. Awww..they seem to enjoy the rewards they get and it's more exciting to this way too.

  2. giving rewards to a job well done, motivates kids to keep on doing the same thing.. i too give rewards to my kiddo

  3. My daughter asks for a treat to as a reward when she behaves or a new toy.


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