Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Special Day for Fifth Graders

Every  grade at St. Joseph has their own saint.  They celebrate their saint day by  learning  everything about the extra ordinary   deeds that the person did in the past which led them to become a saint.  The fifth graders had their Saint Day celebration  last April 6th.  I always attend the mass during their saint day because it makes   my kids feel  very important when  my husband and I  are there.  Most of the times, my  husband is at work so I tried my best  to be there for them.  
Having this kind of activities in school  teachers the kids so many things.  They learn  to speak in public as they  participate in the readings and it help them  conquer their  stage fright.  It also teaches them the religious aspect of life.
She read the responsorial psalm.

They also played the bell.  Rylie joined the bell choir last year and she likes it.
I am glad that  music is a big part of St. Joseph because that's where my  daughter's interest  is.  She is not much into sports but she  loves participating in  arts and music activities.
Come June, our parish priest will be leaving.  We will have a new priest.
I like it that we  are given the chance to take pictures after the mass.
With Fr. Manny and their religion class teacher, Ms. Granato.


  1. It's so nice to have the kids participate in church, it makes you proud. Music is definitely a huge part of the Church and it's nice to see your daughter enjoying what she does!

  2. Your kids are blessed to have parents like you and your husband who always make it a point to be there in the important milestones of their kids. Your presence in occasions like this makes them feel really loved.

  3. She is growing so fast sis in no time she will be in a driving school. A very smart and beautiful young lady mana sayo syempre :) Proud mama indeed.


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