Monday, January 6, 2014


My kids were  supposed to return to school today bu-t they stayed home as the school closed due to the  freezing temperature.  Keeping my kids busy when they are at home is quite  a challenge.  Although they have gadgets, I make sure that they do stuff like reading a book, playing  board games, and do arts and crafts.
My eight year old daughter is pretty good with chess and my son is starting to learn how to play it.  Today, my daughter  taught her brother some tricks.


  1. siblings love, great fast time game and at the same time kids will learn a lot.

  2. ahhh...a nice and peaceful way game for kids to learn, it is pretty nice they know how to play chess too.

  3. I think it's nice to have them play board games at home as it can keep them sharp.

  4. So nice to see kids playing regular games (slash games we played when we were young as opposed to video games which children play now)! And chess is a mind game!

  5. I used to play chess but now I forgot how. Oh wait it wasn't chess we call it perde gana. It's a game where you have to let your opponent defeat your chess pieces first.


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