Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wedding and Kids

I was glad that the school  called informing us that they are still closed for today.  I did not really want my kids to be out in the cold as I don't want them to get sick.  To entertain them earlier, we looked at some of our family albums from their baby ;pictures to my husband and I's wedding day.  They threw me a lot of pictures asking  me different questions about things like why two people should get married and all that kind of stuff.  Oh kids, I like it though because it is fun to reminisce  memories with your kids.

Planning a wedding  involves a lot of  things including the  venue, photographer, food, and etcetera.   When it comes to wedding reception though, the  wedding venues in Grand Rapids Michigan can be a god choice if you are in Michigan.  I have seen some great photos of receptions that are held in   weddings in Grand Rapids Michigan, they are  awesome.  You can check out the wedding receptions in Grand Rapids Michigan  if you are looking for a perfect place to hold your special  moment.


  1. When I get married I want to keep it simple yet special - I'd like to invest with videos and photography too..

  2. aww..those are the precious moments we can only share with our kids, the fun things we see and how we treasure all of those.

  3. Really very tiring to plan for marriage; ceremony, preparation,....Owww, but enjoyed every minute of it.

  4. Planning a wedding takes time as you have to go through a lot of details.

  5. Grand rapids Michigan sound so familiar to me. Just wondering if they cater other events like birthdays or showers? Michigan is just a great lakes apart from me.

  6. Kids do ask lots of questions while looking at old photos, like "where am I when you guys got married" and stuff. It is educational for them too


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