Monday, January 6, 2014

Sold our Truck

Coming home from the mall last Saturday, hubby and I were talking about our Ford F 150 truck that we recently sold after we bought our family van. We were glad that we were able to get rid of it as we only have one car garage and that truck used to sit in front of our home.  It was a big relief for me because we were not using  the vehicle and we were spending insurance for it.  

I have seen some  vehicle for sale at tampa used cars that offers  great prices.   You can also check if you will qualify for their  credit options.  It only takes  30 seconds for you to find out if your application is approved so make sure to check out while you are their  website.  You may also check out their  car videos to see their selection of SUV, trucks, and other types of vehicles.  You may also see how you can sell your vehicle through their listing.

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  1. good decision.. sayang lang yong insurance if you're not using the truck..hehe


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