Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Sweet 16

 It's amazing watching your children grow and they grow very FAST!  This is the main reason why I don't regret giving up my career because I get to be there to witness every milestone of my children.  I am beyond blessed to have a  husband that fully support that decision.  I fully believe that the presence of the parents in the growing up stage of the children is very crucial.  

Having said that, I am grateful for a wonderful young lady our daughter has becoming.  She is one smart cookie.  She is not as outgoing as her brother but she spends  most of her energy in achieving her goals.  I am certain that she can achieve whatever she puts her mind to.
I remember when I was just teaching her at home how to read.  We did not  send her to preschool, I had  a hard time thinking of sending  her to school that early so we have decided that I would just teach her the basic things that she need to learn before she goes to kindergarten.  I think that was the best decision because she  can read, write, and do simple math  problems when she entered kindergarten.  She was a quick learner.
She is very driven.  When she wants to work on something, she put her 100% on it.  This year, they were given an opportunity to take the ACT and she was nervous about it but for a first timer with no preparation whatsoever, she did really well.  She scored a composite of 30 which is excellent.  You can tell, Madonna High School has a really good English teacher as our daughter ACED it, she didn't miss any.  She scored 36 out of 36 in English, I am so proud, I could cry ha ha.

We lost one of our dogs this year, which used to be  her best pal in pictures.  I am glad that our Jack Russell Terrier, Champ, played along and I got to take some photos of them in our backytard.

She will be taking her Driver's license test in two days and she is nervous about it.  I think she will do just fine.  She has been driving us all over the place, even out of state.  She's definitely not like me in that department.  I have been a licensed driver for 14 years and I have driven only twice lol.
I pray that God will continue to watch over her and guide her  for everything that she does.  
She is such a really good example to her brother and that's why her brother love his Ate very much.  EJ is very proud of what she have accomplaished so far.
Today, she  chose to do volunteer work at the vacation bible school.  She's been doing this since she was 12.  I think that is admirable, spending your birthday doing charity work.  I am one proud momma.
I am glad that she is level-headed and remain strong.  She can be a little opinionated sometimes but that's a good thing.  I  love that my kids speaks their mind in a respectful way.
In two years time, she will be heading out to college.  I don't even want to think about her leaving home wahhh.  Right now, she is leaning towards medical profession.  We will see if she doesn't change her mind.
To my daughter on her 16th birthday.

I hope and pray that you continue to grow beautifully inside and out.  Dad and I are  so blessed to be your parents.  We will always be here for you, to support whatever path you want to take.  Thank you for being such a wonderful daughter.  For making our lives colorful and meaningful.  Tank you for guiding your brother.  May God Almighty continue to bless you and watch over you as you continue to move closer to your future.  

We love you very much!


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