Saturday, July 10, 2021

Our Daughter's 15th Birthday: A Year Later

 As the saying goes, "Better late than never" , I am just now posting my daughter's 15th birthday.  I didn't have a functioning  gadget last year so I couldn't download the pictures in my camera and I wasn't able to post anything (valid excuse lol).  

Anyway, I am not the most creative Mom so my kids birthday celebration is always plain.  I tried though, I made her some mini pancakes to make the number 15.
She was appreciative of it so that's what mattered.  In the previous years, we would always go on a vacation right around her birthday but since there was the pandemic last year, we couldn't go anywhere.  Our plan was to go to the Philippines but was put on hold.
I am glad that my kids are very understanding of the situation and they don't complain for not having a party or something like that.
After her birthday, she took her written exam for her driving permit.  She passed and  my husband started  teaching her how to drive.  She is a  quick learner.
This post is a year later so at this time, she already have her license.  I can't believe how much our insurance have gone up since we added her to our car insurance, wow. 
I am so happy for a young woman she is becoming.  She's one smart cookie and very  goal-oriented.  She work hard for whatever she wants to achieve until she gets the  result.
She has been the class president since her  freshman year.  She wants to  build up her portfolio with extra curricular activities.
Our daughter enjoys simple things so whenever it is her birthday.  She gives us a list of  things that she likes and we we get it for her.
Dried mangoes is one of the  goodies she  always enjoys.
She definitely has half Asian in her with the choices of fruits that she likes.
Since she is  a little lady already, I got her a beauty set.
To my 15-year old Rylie Bean;

I am sorry for slacking off, for not  being up-to-date.  
Just know that Mom records every  milestone in her heart. 
Having you as a daughter is such a blessing.
Continue to strive hard and aim high.
We are here to support you.
We love you dearly.

Love always,


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