Friday, September 9, 2016

Computer Savvy KIds

Raising two very different child can be quite challenging but we make it work.  They have a very different personality and different interests but one thing for sure that they are very similar is being a computer savvy.  They know more about computer stuff that me!  Too bad, they are not here  to help me out  because I have  no clue what korg legacy collection is lol.  Sometimes, they would tell me things that they know how to do and ask me "Did you know that Mom?"  Makes me feel like  I was born in 1800s  ha ha ha.  However,  their use of gadgets and computers is limited and monitored  because  we have to, as parents we have to stay vigilant of what our kids are doing online. They are  real dangers out there and it is our responsibility to protect them.  

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