Thursday, June 5, 2014

Torrance Music Recital 2014

Hello everyone, it's me.  I am glad that we have two computers here at home. I don't have to bug my Mom when she is working on something at her desk.   Since it is  school break, I can  post again here in my blog or mainly my Mom's blog.  I know that she posted some of these photos of my recital at her Music blog but I am posting one here anyway, just to document my event.  Here are some photos that Mom and Dad took before we went to the recital.
My brother was goofing around so Mom scolded him that's why he was not smiling on the photo above.  I don't know why my brother  would act like he is annoyed when  I have an event but I think he is jealous.  Mom and Dad are encouraging him to engage into something but he  would not stick to it.  He was doing really good with his gymnastics and then suddenly, he did not want to go anymore.
Thanks Ate Lizzy for this picture
I want to thank our family/neighbors who came to my recital.  Thanks Tita Angie, Ate Lizzy, Ate Sarah, and Lolo!
We went to Eat n' Park after the recital.  I wonder why my Mom did not take photos of it but I think it's because she was busy  talking to Tita Angie hehehe (peace Mom).  
The only photo she took is when we arrived at the restaurant.
If you want to see my performance,  kindly watch it at my Mom's  Music blog.  I think this is the link  I don't know how to put the codes and thingy to make the link but I guess you can use  it to put in your browser to see the video.  I am sure she also  uploaded it in facebook or youtube.  Thank you so much for  visiting.  Make sure to leave me a comment, sure appreciate it so much!  Till next time.


  1. You are such a beautiful and very talented little lady. Your parents have raise you well. As to your brother, he is good looking too and hopefully he can find something to do that he will be proud of just like you. Congrats to your recital, job well done.

    1. Thanks sis Jhady, she smiled from ear to ear reading your comment lol.

    2. Awww I am her number 1 fan and what I said is true. I am looking forward to see more of her recital videos.

  2. You're a future piano virtuoso little Ms. Burrito. :) I am amazed by your talents and wit and I am no longer surprised to see you making your dreams happen because you have what it takes. Keep making your parents proud kiddo! Always reach for the stars!

    Congratulations and I'm so happy to see that you're surrounded by a lot of people who believe in you. Way to go!


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