Thursday, June 5, 2014

Living on a Farm

I grew up living on a farm. My father used to be a farmer before we moved to my Mom's place. The joy of feeding the pigs and riding on a carabao is something that I always treasure living on a farm.
It's something that my kids doesn't experience.  That's why when we have a chance, I let them  explore how it  is like to  live in a farm even on a short period of time.
These photos were taken when we brought our dogs to the Kennel before we went to California.  The owner of the kennel lives  way out in the country and  they have animals.  MY kids' favorite thing to do is interact with the chicken.
The last time we went  down there, the owner let the kids go inside the chicken coop  and they even give the kids some fresh eggs.


  1. A pleasure for them experiencing life away from the city. A value that they cannot forget as time goes by.

  2. It's really nice to be in a farm. Fresher air, softer surface and animals you could play with.

  3. Such a lovely activity for the kids to enjoy and engage in. They are thought how to value hard labour, appreciate what they have, enjoy the countryside, enjoy the simple life, be responsible, take care of the animals, learn to be more compassionate and so much more. This is what being in a farm does to kids who see all that is happening there. I remember going every summer break to my ancestral farm in the province. I learned how to love and be a champion for animals' rights and welfare. I learned how to tend to their pens and clean up their messes. It really taught me how to value what I have and be more appreciative in life. So much to learn just by visiting a farm!

  4. I grew up in a big city & then moved to a rural community at the end of grade school. I hated it then, but I appreciate it now. My kids love to go & visit their grandparents, who live on a mini farm & have a variety of animals.

  5. I wish I had been on a farm growing up, many of my cousins were raised on or near farms in Sweden! I think it is a great experience for kids!


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