Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Scented Strawberry Color Connection # 12

I got these two strawberry scented toy at McDonald. Actually, the other one is for my brother. My Dad told the lady that one for boy and one for girl but then she gave us the same toy. My brother cried when we got home and saw that he did not get one, I feel bad.

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  4. Leave a comment on my post, comments motivates me to blog, thank you!.

I would like to greet Tita Demcy a happy birthday. May your birthday wish come true Tita. Thank you for treating us like your own children when we were in Florida.

We miss you!
Happy Birthday


  1. Too bad for EJ, he did not get his toy. Anyway you can compensate for that by playing with him with your toys. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  2. Sorry for Aj, is it free rylie? because here we pay to get toys from mcdo.

  3. Hi Ms. Burrito! Just letting you know that I put a shoutout for you about your blog and your Color Connection. :) Go see what I said about you!


  4. kawawa naman si EJ...will give him the extra smurf that Akesha got from Mcdidies...ehehee!

  5. don't fret mr. burrito, mom and dad will get you another toy the soonest :)

    happy bday ky dhemz...will hop on to her blog...


  6. better luck next time AJ...happy birthday to your tita Demcy...
    my entry here:http://www.domainangel.net/2011/08/20/color-connection-the-carousel.html

  7. Poor EJ, anyway when you get back there again, you remind the in charge to not give you the same kind because you have a brother and not a sister. So EJ will not feel bad. :)

  8. Visiting from Colorful Weekend sis. Whims and Views entry is up. Hope you could visit!

  9. aw that reminds me of my experience when i was a kid..

  10. You're truly a good sister, ms. burrito. Don't worry there's always be a next time for your brother. Don't feel so bad and enjoy your cute toys for now. it's our first time here. And also, Happy Birthday to Demcy!

  11. Hi Anak, goodluck in the first grade. I know you'll do good. Bring Mama some As okay? Mwah, luvya!

  12. I love the dolls. I want one! Hehe ... very nice!

  13. i don't think your little bro will be too fond of the pink doll, maybe he can have one too the next time you visit...linking a little late for last week's meme, have a great week ahead :)

  14. Thanks for sharing your blues.

    Happy Blue Monday!


  15. This post reminded me of when my children were little...one of them usually lost out. Hope AJ gets his next time!

  16. Oh my my I think the lady is too busy and tired she didn't heard your Dad say something. But it's okey you can come back there any time. I like that doll too. ^_^

    Blue Monday

  17. hahhaha..bring mama some As...am sure you will pretty smart little lady...eehehhe!

    thanks sa birthday greetings Rye...so sweet....I had fun with you and EJ...I miss you both...looking forward to see you again on our next vacay soon.

  18. cute toys, i love strawberry scents :) so this is your meme pala rylie. it's every Tuesday? will try to join. your Tita Mel has been quite busy with her two boys. pls send my hug to your mom.

  19. lovely toys just like the owner..

    mine is up


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